Cardinal Newman Lacrosse Players: Making a Difference Off the Field

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Cardinal Newman Lacrosse teamed up with Hearts of Palm to help elderly families with some landscaping and yard clean up. Many of the families needed help with maintaining their property and bringing it up to code to appease city ordinances. Many of the families in need of assistance cannot afford what is needed to bring their homes up to code. As a result they face fines from the city.

Members of the Cardinal Newman boys and girls lacrosse teams took action last Saturday as many helped with weeding beds, mulching, trimming trees, sodding and planting new shrubs. Most importantly, they put a smile on the families they helped.

Don’t be fooled! Palm Beach may be the most exclusive address in the U.S., but drive a few miles inland and the landscape changes dramatically. Severe poverty and homelessness is hidden under the shadows of millionaire mansions. Like other large urban communities around the nation, Palm Beach County faces the tough challenge of serving migrant farmers, legions of unemployed workers and families who have left Haiti and other Caribbean nations looking for better times in south Florida.

All the players enjoyed them selves and felt food that they were to provide a little relief to those that really need it.

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