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#6 Tampa Spartans Roll Past #2 Panthers in Upset Victory

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via Tampa press release/website


TAMPA, Fla. – The No. 6 University of Tampa women’s lacrosse team come out victorious against No.2 Adelphi University to continue their home stretch.


Final: No.6 University of Tampa 14 , No.2 Adelphi University 9

Records: Tampa (4-0), Adelphi (0-1)

Location: Naimoli Family Athletic and Intramural Complex | Tampa, Fla.


First Quarter: Julia Kolderman, taking no time, scores early for the Spartans. The following possesions later, Sarah Hinkle connected to the back of the net with a close shot in the midst of the defense. Adelphi then, retaliated with two unanswered goals with 3:47 remaining. The very next possession, Sarah Hinkle scored an impressive goal, unassisted. With two and a half minutes remaining in the first quarter, Allie Peebles passed it to Olivia Mott who netted it in to put the Spartans up two. The goals for the Spartans were scored as follows:

14:42 – Julia Kolderman, assisted by Cece Colombo

10:25 – Sarah Hinkle, unassisted

3:10 –  Sarah Hinkle, unassisted

2:22 – Olivia Mott, assisted by Allie Peebles

Score: 4-2 (Tampa)

Second Quarter: The second quarter started with Tampa securing the first draw control. This allowed the Spartans to continue their dominance by controlling the majority of the possessions. Sarah Hinkle, transfering that urgency she had from the first quarter, netted a goal within a minute and five seconds leaving the defense in disarray. Mekelsey Montgomery then followed the trend with a goal. The Panthers however, had a little run gaining some momentum from back-to-back goals to stay in reach and decrease the defecit. But the Spartans ended their run with two unaswered goals to end the quarter. The Spartan goals headed into halftime were scored as follows:

13:55 – Sarah Hinkle, unassisted

11:42 – Mekelsey Montgomery, assisted by Olivia Mott

7:35 – Sarah Hinkle, assisted by Gia Colombo

6:53 – Emma McLoughlin, unassisted

4:10 – Julia Kolderman, unassisted

Score: 9-4 (Tampa)

Third Quarter: Realizing the game was slipping away, Adelphi established control early with obtaining possessions from stellar defensive transitions. This allowed the Panthers to score early within two minutes of the quarter. Julia Kolderman leveled the playing field with an open shot out of the box. Possesions went on and the Spartans failed to execute a goal, which a allowed multiple counterattacks by Adelphi’s Izzy Grant, who would net in two consecutive goals. In the last possesion of the quarter, the Panthers wasted no time and scored another goal, this one by Alison Turner. The Spartan’s goals were scored as follows:

11:01 – Julia Kolderman, unassisted

00:20 – Riley McGettigan, assisted by Olivia Mott

Score: 11-8 (Tampa)

Fourth Quarter: The fourth quarter started with Tampa winning the draw control. Tampa’s Gracie Colombo scored 18 seconds into the quarter, making her mark early. After conceding a goal from Adelphi, Tampa ends the game with two impressive back-to-back goals by Allie Peebles to seal the deal. The Spartan goals for the fourth quarter were scored as follows:

14:42 – Gracie Colombo, assisted by Gia Colombo

06:28 – Allie Peebles, unassisted

04:46 – Allie Peebles, assisted by Gia Colombo 

Final: 14-9 (Tampa)



  • Spartans win their fourth consecutive game
  • Spartans win their first-ever matchup against the Panthers
  • Hinkle has a 64.8% shot percentage over the last four games

UP NEXT: The Spartans stay at home as they will battle against Georgian Court University on Monday, February 27 at 7:00 PM.