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Andrew Frosch: A Worthy Recipient of the USA Lacrosse Bob Scott Award

By Harry Guthmuller, May 24, 2023

(FLN: Thank you to Harry Guthmuller for writing up this terrific article on Andrew; the Bob Scott Award winner for the USA Lacrosse North Florida Chapter; the Award is one of the most prestigious honors a high school lacrosse player can receive.)

In the realm of lacrosse, certain individuals transcend the boundaries of the game and become symbols of excellence, integrity, and dedication. Andrew Frosch, a high school senior who played for Pensacola Catholic High School, has recently been honored with the prestigious US Lacrosse Bob Scott Award. This award recognizes senior players who exhibit exceptional qualities both on and off the field, truly honoring the game of lacrosse and making significant contributions to their team, school, and community. Because of its uniqueness it is not an award given every year. But Andrew’s journey in lacrosse and his remarkable involvement in the sport have made him a fitting recipient of this esteemed accolade in 2023.

Andrew’s journey into the world of lacrosse began with a nudge from his mother. Initially hesitant, he eventually succumbed to her encouragement and discovered an immense passion for the sport. This early influence demonstrates Andrew’s open-mindedness and willingness to explore new avenues, which would later become defining characteristics in his lacrosse career.

Since taking up lacrosse in 2016, Andrew has dedicated himself to the game for seven years and counting. Such longevity and commitment to a single sport reflect Andrew’s unwavering passion and desire to continuously improve and grow as a player.

Andrew’s dedication extended beyond school teams, as he actively participated in various club lacrosse teams throughout his playing career. His involvement with 1 More Lacrosse, Bison Lacrosse, Stallions Lacrosse, Kings Lacrosse, Florida Crabs, and True Florida showcased his eagerness to embrace new challenges and play alongside talented individuals across the Florida panhandle and beyond.

What truly sets Andrew apart is his profound involvement in the lacrosse community across the Pensacola and Gulf Breeze area. He selflessly offered his time and expertise as a youth coach, nurturing and developing young lacrosse players in the Five Flags Lacrosse program. Additionally, Andrew contributed to the growth of the sport by officiating youth lacrosse games through the Gulf Coast Officiating organization. His passion for lacrosse extends beyond personal success, as he actively works to improve the game in his community.

Throughout his lacrosse career, Andrew has gleaned valuable insights that have shaped his character both on and off the field. He emphasizes the importance of teamwork, acknowledging that success in lacrosse hinges on collective effort rather than individual achievement. Andrew also recognizes the significance of coach-player relationships and the wisdom imparted by mentors. Moreover, he understands that the essence of playing lacrosse lies in enjoying the game and having fun while always striving to improve.

When Andrew was queried about being nominated for the Bob Scott Award, he humbly admitted that he was unaware of his coach’s intentions but expressed gratitude for the honor. This humble response showcases Andrew’s modesty and genuine appreciation for the recognition bestowed upon him.

While Andrew acknowledges the vast difference in achievements between himself and the legendary Bob Scott, he finds a connection in their shared determination and unwavering dedication to the sport. Both individuals possess a mindset that constantly seeks improvement and embraces challenges, even if the scale of their accomplishments differs.

Andrew’s exceptional performance also extends to the classroom. He holds a weighted GPA of 4.5 and applied to Villanova, Boston College, Holy Cross, Notre Dame, as well as the US Air Force and Naval Academies. Andrew’s broadly impressive efforts on and off the lacrosse field culminated in his receiving appointments to both Academies. While Andrew’s father was a 1992 graduate of the Naval Academy and a former Commanding Officer of the world famous Blue Angels, it was not a big surprise to learn that he chose to accept his appointment to the Naval Academy. He is looking forward to exploring the many majors that will become available to him.

Andrew will be reporting to the Naval Academy at the end of June for what many who attend a service academy liken to Frost’s “The Road Not Taken”. And having begun Andrews’ journey 46 years ago I assured him that it would, as Frost writes, “make all the difference.”

Andrew Frosch’s selection as the recipient of the US Lacrosse Bob Scott Award is a first for the Florida panhandle, that region of Florida which last embraced the sport many call “the medicine game”. He has left a well-justified legacy for others to aspire to and his name will forever be synonymous with the game of lacrosse in the Florida panhandle. Well done Andrew, well done indeed!

May the journey you’re about to embark on be as monumental as it has been for this author.