Bartram Trail 2023 Adri Ferrara Commits to Newberry College!

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Congratulations to Adri on her college commitment and good luck in the future!

Adri Ferrara

Graduation Year

High School
Bartram Trail High School


College Choice
Newberry College

Why did you choose this college?
I chose Newberry because on my visit, it really felt like home and the lacrosse team are all so welcoming and really made me make a decision.

What Advice Would You Give Those Starting the Recruiting Process?
Don’t rush. Take your time and keep your options open, you don’t always have to choose the first school you get an offer from.

Who Would You Like to Thank for Getting You to Here?
I would like to thank my parents and my coaches for pushing me to be the best player I can.

What are your first memories of the sport?
My very first memory of lacrosse is getting taught it by my current coach in the 7th grade

What is Your Favorite Memory From Your High School Career?
Going to the Final Four and winning the State Semifinal and the championship

What is Your Stick Brand? And Why?
Gait Whip. I love the way the pocket makes it easy to do trick shots.

Which Lacrosse Player Do You Most Want to Have a Meal With and Why?
Probably Charlotte North because she’s so committed to the sport, and I want that energy to rub off me

Do You Watch College & Pro Games and What Are You Watching for to Make You a Better Player?
I do watch College and Pro games and I watch mainly what college offense does

What’s Your Go-To Meal After a Game?
Tropical Smoothie Cafe

What’s the One Thing Your Teammates Would be Surprised to Know About You?
I’m afraid of heights but i love roller coasters

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