Calvary Christian 2020 Olivia Harrington Commits to Dominican College!

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(Author’s note: if your commitment has changed please let us know.  Also, I’ll be publishing these in the order of our queue so be patient, this one is from February)


Congratulations to Olivia on her college choice and good luck in the future!



Olivia Harrington

High School

Calvary Christian

Graduation Year


College Choice

Dominican College

Club Affiliations

FCA Broward

Why did you choose this college?

Nursing Program and loved the area in Upstate NY and having my College paid for

What are your first memories of the sport?

Being part of a brand new program from Scratch at Calvary and starting as a 6th grader with Current Coach Kaci Anderson who had me play every position on the field including Goalie.

What part of the process was most surprising to you about the recruiting process and what would you like to pass on to those who are going to face it in the future?

That it is never too late and never give up on your dreams. Dominican reached out to me late in October 2019, as I was unsure if I would play lacrosse after High School. Within a month – I visited Dominican (in NY) met with the Coaches and Administration and I was offered a Athletic and Academic package that will cover 99% of all of my Schools Expenses.  Film and grades can help keep your dreams alive and pay for your College Education.

Who would you like to thank for helping you get here?

Definitely Coach Kaci Anderson and my years playing and practicing for Coach John McClain {Florida Select}and his travels teams)