FLN’s GoFundMe Proposal – Taking The Big Step to Better Content

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As I mentioned over the years we had pretty much reached the level of what we can provide for free and in order to keep expanding our reach we need to reach out to the lacrosse community for some help.

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Here is the body:

Florida Lacrosse News has served the lacrosse community for over 10 years now with a website that has been a major focal point for information about the sport in the state.  We mentioned in an article that we are talking to Fox Sports Florida about having a few recap show during the high school season, as well as developing content outlets for FTF-LSN and other non-linear offerings, as well as a YouTube Channel for other live and taped content.

We have asked the community to express their interest in the show to the Fox Sports website and are now at a point where we believe there is a sufficient level of interest in their carrying the show.  In order to properly prepare a pilot episode, as well as develop a reusable graphics package and distribution strategy, we need to be able to pay for the upfront costs associated with it.  To also maximize our content, we need to upgrade our ability to prepare V-Log material from Lee’s apartment and that would require a lower-end professional camera, back drop and microphone.

This web site has always been a boot-strapped operation and if we want to substantially upgrade our ability to bring lacrosse content to you, we need to see how important you value this content.  We have always stayed true to an agnostic approach to coverage and want to continue that way by focusing on content while bringing value to potential advertisers looking to tap into the demographic this sport represents.  We have NEVER solicited money before, even when it was offered to help support us, but the new realities of proper coverage with technology, social media and linear/non-linear content preparation are not possible anymore as a hobby, which we always treated the business aspect of this as.

The projected budget is $20,000, which includes the costs of the Pilot (a midseason recap show) and a season-end recap show of an hour each, the reusable graphics package that can be used across all content presentations, a used, professional grade video camera and microphone, with a background fit for an apartment, and some social media budgeting.  Lee will also need some instructional hand holding given his advanced years when it comes to YouTube productions and that will also be in the budget.

The use of the funds is:

1) Develop the Graphics Package with Ray’s contact
2) Camera, Headset Microphone and Background for my in-home use and how to use the camera properly, including how to link to YouTube
3) Shoot for a mid-season recap show of one hour that we can use as our pilot show, including Boys and Girls.  That can certainly be where we test format and I think Ray could give it to FSF and LSN as a standalone content item.
4) Aim for an after season recap show, which would get very good ratings and include the Final Polls in that one.  It would also give us some time to find a woman or two to do a Girls Poll, and increase the viewing audience.  That one could be one hour too and should be very marketable.
5) YouTube segments where we can upload the weekly poll.
6) Explore how best to use our emailing lists