FLN’s Top 15 For Class 1A & 2A for the Week Ending 2/21/2021! Benjamin & Ponte Vedra Top the Charts!

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One week in the books.

A few bad calls in the Preseason Poll.

Lacrosse has truly started . . .


As I go through each week you will notice some changes to format if you’ve been a long-time reader.  As I approach Medicare-age (well, not quite yet but too close for my comfort) I have to admit I’ve slowed down a bit on game coverage and other items, but thankfully for the fans around the state we’ve seen other sources pop up to supplement my coverage and they are doing a great job with their locations and market niches.  As the season goes on I’ll be highlighting one per week for those who do not know they exist.  It’s an exciting aspect of the growth of the sport in the state, and it’s on both sides, Boys and Girls coverage!  FLN feels like a proud Dad that this is happening.

The first one I am highlighting is Tampa Lax Report, which is a great website covering their location in the greater Tampa-Sarasota area.

Tampa Lax Report

The districts they cover on the Boys side are Class 2A, Districts 9, 10 & 11, plus Class 1A, Districts 9, 10 & 11, as well as the commensurate Girls District numbers.

The coverage is complete with regional polls, district previews, top players, etc, along with GREAT VIDEO RECAPS!

Here’s an example on the Girls side posted yesterday on their YouTube channel, LINK:


Their Twitter handle is @tampalaxreport.  Check in with them when you can!

Next week we’ll highlight the Twitter site @LaxNorthFl!


Plenty of key games are played every week.

And recapping those results will also have a new format going forward.  Usually I type out results I find important but that takes a lot of time and I think we need to adapt with the times, so you will see a video of me reading those results via a Periscope broadcast.

Periscope is currently linked to our Twitter handle @FloridaLX and if someone knows how to simultaneously post to Facebook and Instagram I’m ALL EARS.

Periscope and YouTube will play bigger roles going forward as our readership has moved more towards social media access to our content and since it makes things easier for us there’s no reason not to do this.

So here is last week’s game results we chose to highlight:



The Underdog Upset of the Week


With so few games played I have to go with a game where the winner wasn’t necessarily the underdog, but the margin of victory was shocking.  I gave Bishop Moore the #2 ranking in 1A basically based on how dominant they were last season and usually you give the benefit of that in the Preseason.  But even though I had Winter Park at #7 in 2A to start the season, their 19-5 dismantling of the Hornets was way out of line with what I thought, and that qualifies for the Upset of the Week.


Key Upcoming Games This Week

Just like the Game Recap, I just produced a video highlighting key games this week, as well as the games I am looking to attend.

One thing I highlighted in the video is the importance of my seeking out matchups that normally are not on the radar of lacrosse fans generally, but we need to remember that I should not be covering the same 10-15 teams every game.  We have 200+ Boys teams and a similar number of Girls and I do try to catch a Girls game or two also.

So here’s the video on what’s coming this week!



My Annual Rant Against Referee Baiting

I know you’re all waiting for this!  And it’s very important to enjoying your experience at a game


Pretty simple.

Burn this into your memory:

You will ALWAYS see more from the stands than a referee sees from the field.  They are running up and down while you sit with your water bottle and snack.  You do not have kids running in your line of sight and waiving sticks.  They do.

They are calling the game in 2 dimensions, you are watching in 3 . . . and the 3rd is the best sight line of all.

They are not betting on games and do not have it in for you.

And they will get the calls right FAR MORE THAN YOU DO.

So sit back, enjoy the game and ROOT FOR SOMETHING, like your school and your kid, instead of ROOTING AGAINST A BAD CALL.

Believe it or not, high school lacrosse results are not the determinant of success of your kids future’s or of yourselves.

Keep it in perspective and remember your children will love you in the morning!


Okay, time to get to the new Polls but first we need my usual 1970’s cultural reference as a lead-in . . .

As Covid cases fall and the light seems to be peaking at us from the end of the tunnel, here’s a 1970’s song to get us there:



Note that I am leaving out the Also Considered’s this week and likely next week.  Given all the uncertainties with schedules, late opt outs, player availability, etc., I’m going to wait until week 4 before explaining slottings; it’s just too up in the air this season!


Class 1A Poll for 2/22/21


  1. Benjamin
  2. Saint Andrew’s
  3. Cardinal Mooney
  4. Maclay
  5. St. Edward’s
  6. Oxbridge
  7. Lake Highland Prep
  8. Pine Crest
  9. King’s Academy
  10. Oak Hall
  11. Saint John Paul II
  12. Bishop Moore
  13. Gulliver Prep
  14. Berkeley Prep & Canterbury


Class 2A Poll for 2/22/21


  1. Ponte Vedra
  2. Jupiter
  3. Plant
  4. St. Thomas Aquinas
  5. Winter Park
  6. Lake Mary
  7. Creekside
  8. Newsome
  9. Boca Raton
  10. Columbus
  11. Oviedo
  12. Gulf Coast
  13. Stoneman Douglas
  14. Riverview-Sarasota
  15. Lake Brantley