Give The Kids A Great Farewell If This It . . .


Oak Hall joined Broward County and St. Edward’s in shutting down for now and I’m sure there will be plenty more today as school boards will decide that’s it.  As I am typing this CNBC is reporting there will be a national state of emergency declared today along the lines of The Stafford Act, which could be used by state and local authorities to go further.  I’ve also heard New York City will shut down this weekend as a precaution.

The point of all this is that if tonight is the swan song for the season, this will be your last chance to show the kids, coaches, refs and the entire community your appreciation for all the hard work and commitment it took to entertain us so much in such a competitive milieu.

And I only ask one favor.  When the game enters the last 30 seconds, regardless of the result, stand and applaud EVERYONE.  Not the victory, not the home team only, but EVERYONE.  We are all going to learn from this season how precious our sport is and how much enjoyment it gives all of us.

For many of the seniors playing tonight this might well be the last time they pull on a uniform . . . send them out with style!

Take a few pictures of the applause and send them in to me please at

Let’s make the season go out with the respect it deserves!

And if the season doesn’t shut down, we still have a blueprint going forward . . . :)