Hagerty 2019 Joslin Hanbury Commits to Duquesne!

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Congratulations to Joslin for her college commitment and good luck in the future!



Joslin Hanbury

High School

Hagerty High School

Graduation Year


College Choice

Duquesne University

Club Affiliations

Beast Lacrosse



Why did you choose this college?

I chose Duquesne because of the location and the opportunity to play Division I lacrosse. I quickly grew really close with Coach D as well and within seconds of being on campus I knew I wanted to spend the next 4 years of my life there. I originally went to the camp and was unable to play because of a knee injury but the girls who already attended Duq’ were so nice and welcoming I knew I would be surrounded by great people.

What are your first memories of the sport?

My first memory I have of lacrosse is being embarrassed not being able to catch or cradle. My coaches were very patient when I was learning.

What part of the process was most surprising to you about the recruiting process and what would you like to pass on to those who are going to face it in the future?

I was mostly surprised about how early you need to begin your process. Recruiting in top schools takes pace mostly throughout your early high school years and it is very hard to catch up once you’ve missed that time period.

Who would you like to thank for helping you get here?

I would first like to thank all my teammates for making me love the sport and keeping me focused. I would also not be where I am today without my coaches Mitch Whittington and Scott Galant. They have always pushed me to be my best and never gave up on trying to make me the best player I can be. I would also like to thank Dave Ott and Stephanie Englert for being my first lacrosse coaches and preparing me for high school lacrosse. My mom and dad also supported me in everything I’ve done and I wouldn’t have this oppurtunity. Lastly I would like to mention Naysha Greer, Reagan Pomp, Katie Williams, and Taylor Plourde for always making me laugh and giving me a family to play for.