Jupiter Downs Episcopal Dallas 11-10 – Via Submit Game Recap!

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Author’s note:  This was a little late but a terrific example of how schools can increase their game coverage by utilizing our Submit Game Recap feature!  Others should take note of how easy this is if you are motivated to give us content for games we can;t attend in person!  Just remember the Recap must have BOTH team’s stats, not just yours’!


Scores by Quarter

1st: 3-0 Jupiter; Jupiter- 1st 2 goals by Devon Rasmus with no Assist and 1 Assist from Tyler Douglas, 1 goal by Riley Linden with the assist from Jackson Bashaw.

2nd: 7-6 Dallas; Jupiter- 1 goal by Trevor Sousa with Assist from Chris Radice, 1 goal by Chris Radice with Assist from Tyler Douglas, and 1 Fastbreak faceoff goal by Dylan Frankhouser.

3rd: 11-8 Jupiter; Jupiter- 1 goal by Chris Radice with no Assist, 1 goal by Trevor Sousa from Carson Puia, 1 goal by Trevor Sousa with no Assist, 1 goal by Tyler Douglas with no Assist, and 1 goal by Max Sanderson with no Assist.

Final 11-10 Jupiter.



Leading Scorers per Team


Sousa: 3 goals
Radice: 2 goals, 1 assist
Sanderson: 1 goal
Frankhouser: 1 goal, 15-7 FO, 6 GB’s
Linden: 1 goal
Rasmus: 2 goals
Douglas: 1 goal, 2 assists
Bashaw: 1 Assist
Puia: 1 Assist



Leading Episcopal Scorers



Frankhouser: 15-7 FO, 6 GB’s
Benedetto: 1-1


Chazanow: 5-10
Heldman: 3-6



Goalies and Number of Saves


Hunter Bracci: 9 saves in 1st Half
Riley Quinn: 7 saves in 2nd Half



Noteworthy events during game

Jupiter played a very skilled and tough Episcopal School of Dallas. Jupiter dominated the faceoff and possession game, but ESD gained many possessions thru Jupiter turnovers and great defense on clears. Jupiter jumped out to a 3-0 lead at the end of the 1st and then ESD came back to lead 7-6 by the half with multiple goals by Wasserman and Griffin. Jupiter took the lead back by the end of the 3rd at 11-8 with 5 goals in the 3rd. ESD scored 2 goals in the 4th and the final score was 11-10 Jupiter. A very tough, hard fought game by both sides. Jupiter plays Bullis school on 3/26 in Jupiter.