Lynn Women Start Their Inaugural Season Tomorrow!

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I’m going to try to get a little more involved on the original content side of the college game and what a better way to start than with this?

Here’s a link to a December press release that Lynn put out to introduce the upcoming season from back in December, during my hiatus:

Women’s Lacrosse Embarks on Inaugural Season

Since I live in Boca Raton, my non-coverage college fix was going out to the Lynn home games and hanging in the stands with parents of players I knew from covering their kids in high school and I got to know Coach Kingsbury over the years.  So when Lynn went the Women’s route I was excited to have another outlet for the passion.  Mindy Richmond came on board as head coach and my first contact with her was a bit of a funny one.

Mindy was holding her first on campus recruiting session and I was going to go over to see and experience it.  But I showed up a little late and the campus walk-around had already started.  As I came upon the group Coach Richmond asked if I wanted to tag along, assuming I was a father of a potential recruit, and to be honest, I decided to play along to start.  The normal building inspection led to a conference room and I was able to see what truly goes on with these tours.

Finally, as the group went to the cafeteria to have lunch I ‘came clean’ to her about being with FLN instead of being a parent and while the visitors were eating we went to her office to conduct an interview which I posted awhile ago:



This was from December 2018.

And now, February 15th the hard work comes to fruition with the program’s first game, albeit a preseason game up in Melbourne against conference foe FIT, and then next Thursday at home against Roberts Wesleyan it starts for the record.  It’s entirely a non-conference slate until the last 7 games, when they will run the conference gauntlet.

14 months later, 2 recruiting classes and a build to an exciting start.

I’ve seen Coach Richmond at a couple of Lynn Men’s games and chatted some.  And I’ll try to be around to catch a few games.  Ironically, I’ll have to miss the first game on Thursday because another program is starting their varsity status the same day at the same time, with Pompano Beach hosting Cardinal Gibbons and it is a tough call.  But high school usually gets the tiebreaker.

The schedule is HERE

The roster is HERE


As you’d expect, there are a number of Florida kids on the roster the first year.  And Sarah Shaffer, who hails from Seneca Falls in upstate NY, Ryan Burton’s home town; maybe she has a few HWS stories to share with me?

Good luck to Coach Richmond and Lynn on their inaugural season!