NSU University 2019 Drew Hoffman Commits to Haverford College!

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Congratulations to Drew on his college choice and good luck in the future!



Drew Hoffman

High School

NSU University School

Graduation Year


College Choice

Haverford College

Club Affiliations

Barracudas, Florida National Team

Why did you choose this college?

I chose Haverford college not only for its top tier academics and good lacrosse, but also the collaborative environment and sense of responsibility placed on the students. The close community and emphasis on student responsibility will create an environment that will help me push my boundaries and drive me to learn more.

What are your first memories of the sport?

During my first game I was shocked when someone had whacked me with their stick after a play. Coming from playing baseball the idea of contact and hitting people was foreign to me and I was utterly shocked when it happened.

What part of the process was most surprising to you about the recruiting process and what would you like to pass on to those who are going to face it in the future?

The thing that surprised me most about the recruiting process was how long it really takes. To get noticed by coaches takes more than just playing well at 1 game. It includes countless emails, years of forming relationships, and consistent hard work on the field at every event. The best advice I can give throughout the process is to be persistent, yet patient. More than anything just continue to work hard on the field and an opportunity that fits you will come.

Who would you like to thank for helping you get here?

I would like to thank my coaches, teammates, and most of all my parents for getting me here. My parents’ constant support for helping me achieve my goals is what enabled me to get to the point that I am at today and I am forever thankful for that.