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The Final Four is in the Books – We’ll Broadcast Live Tonight with a Recap & Some Thoughts

  Most of you know I was obligated to be at my Niece’s wedding and flew up on Friday, missing any Friday broadcasts thanks to the incompetence of NFHS to provide a feed.  I’ve been struggling with some congestion and when we flew home yesterday I pretty much slept the entire day and night . . . going from 85 degrees+ to 45 degrees and back within 2 days and the wonderful flight experiences we have to deal with wasn’t great. I’ll be working on getting up to speed on all the Friday snafus and the Saturday championships and we’ll shoot for an 8:00pm broadcast tonight on the YouTube channel. I want to thank Tampa Lax Report, LaxNorthFL, LaxOrlando, Victor and Paul who represented FLN there,  and the rest who were actively tweeting when on site and the rest of our viewership who were keeping me informed as much as possible; it certainly doesn’t fully replace being there but you went above and beyond for us! Tune in tonight at 8:00pm for our special broadcast – Florida Lacrosse News on YouTube! Florida Lacrosse News – YouTube