Triple Crown Lacrosse Weekly FLN Media Poll for the Week Ending 4/14/2019 – Ponte Vedra is #1!

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The regular season is already in the books . . .



Good news . . . only about 293 days until the start of the 2020 regular season.  Plenty of time to hit the wall for those for whom their season is over as of Saturday.

Even better news . . . 64 teams are playing this week . . . and 32 next week . . . and so on.

Final Four is coming up on May 9th . . . and 10th . . . and 11th . . . if Flag Football will finish on time and no rain interferes.  Imagine a Sunday final for the Boys thanks to the blinders in Gainesville . . . aw heck, why b***h unless it actually happens.  Like it did in Bradenton in 2014 when the Girls showed up on Friday morning and didn’t finish until Sunday afternoon.

Damn, I’m feeling withdrawal even BEFORE the season ends.  And no Launch to help fill the gap . . .


Might as well get this out of the way first:

For those players, parents and coaches who are finished this season, and are moving on . . . to college, retirement, etc., THANK YOU for your efforts.  Whether playing or coaching or being a ref, or sitting in the stands after driving the player, the dedication and effort that goes into high school sports can be thankless, financially draining and physically challenging . . . but also exhilarating, thrilling and satisfying.  Good luck with whatever the next steps in life take you!

For those I have met and talked to, debated and even sometimes took to task . . . I hope you got out of it what I intended.  And thanks for sharing this part of your life with me!


A little Florida action from the Gulf Coast . . .



Ponte Vedra Wins the Regular Season.  On the field.  Congrats to them for their come from behind victory at Oxbridge on Saturday.  The game was a roller coaster ride all itself.  If they meet again it might be Space Mountain.


Last Week’s Top 25


1t) Oxbridge – Let’s Get

1t) Ponte Vedra – It On!

3) Saint Andrew’s – guts out the 2OT road win over Benjamin

4) Cardinal Mooney – Friday at Bishop Moore

5) Bishop Moore – will be fun and revealing

6) Benjamin – they must learn to finish better

7) St. Thomas Aquinas – Jupiter beckons

8) Jupiter – offensive struggles are being corrected

9) American Heritage-Plantation – not letting up on the schedule this week at all.  Benjamin game huge for where they truly are.

10) Creekside – well, they competed but Ponte Vedra looks like Dallas Carter right now

11) St. Edward’s – no surpises at all

12) Oak Hall – road trip to Dallas Carter coming

13) Riverview-Sarasota – they will face Berkeley this week

14) Lake Highland Prep – still need to prove they can win a Top 10 matchup at this point

15) Newsome – Jesuit is the final test

16) King’s Academy – continues their growth

17) Plant – needs to stop the bleeding

18) Berkeley Prep – two tough games to finish

19) Pine Crest – Boca Raton looms Tuesday

20t) Hagerty – Okay, Lake Mary loses to Hagerty by 1 goal and Hagerty loses to Winter Park by 1 goal – hence the tie

20t) Lake Mary – looks like they are getting it together at the right time, but likely can;t handle the best teams.  Great schedule gets them respect . . . something a lot of other teams below them need to learn

20t) Winter Park – see Hagerty

23) Boca Raton – wins over Stoneman Douglas and Western . . . rapidly improving.  Threw away a game against Columbus they fully controlled.

24) SJP II – after seeing then earlier they’ve really achieved this season

25t) Gulf Breeze – big time win over Maclay

25t) Melbourne Central Catholic – AGAIN, schedule better next year, there’s no excuse at this point.

25t) Out-of-Door Academy – I want them to know I’m paying attention

Also Considered:

Boone, Bolles, Calvary Christian (Ft. Laud), Canterbury, Columbus, First Academy, Fleming Island, Gulf Coast, Gulliver Prep, Jesuit of Tampa, Lake Brantley, Maclay, Oviedo, Providence School, Steinbrenner, Stoneman Douglas, University School, Western


1st Intermission – Continuing Our 1980’s Season!

In the 1980’s one of the surprise movie hits was the film Dirty Dancing.  In honor of the lacrosse Mom’s, here’s the finale of that . . . kids, that movie was to your Moms what the Farah Fawcett poster was to those of us Men a little older . . .




District Playoffs Are On

You can see our previews on the site and for many of the districts the regular season winner will easily repeat the feat but there are some real doozies out there too.

Keep watching the Twitter feeds for @FloridaLX, @TampaLaxReport and @LaxNorthFl for the most updates!


Key Results From Last Week


Monday, April 8th

Chiles with the 16-14 win over West Florida

Stoneman Douglas 13-9 over Martin County

Creekside 12-4 over St. Augustine


Tuesday, April 9th

Oviedo 13-11 over The First Academy

Western 19-6 over University School

Barron Collier 14-8 over Fort Myers

Saint Andrew’s 10-9 over King’s Academy

Oxbridge 13-4 over Benjamin

Newsome 7-4 over Bartow

Cardinal Mooney 16-3 over Jesuit

Saint John Paul II 12-3 over Belen Jesuit

Pine Crest 9-8 over Boca Raton

Montverde Academy 13-12 over Boone

Riverview-Sarasota 13-10 over Berkeley Prep



Wednesday, April 10th

Columbus 10-9 over Gulliver Prep

St. Edward’s 9-1 over Merritt Island

Mitchell 16-11 over Alonso

Bishop Moore 14-12 over LHP

Lake Brantley 11-6 over Viera

Bolles 6-4 over St. Augustine


Thursday, April 11th

Berkeley Prep 7-6 over Out-of-Door Academy

Creekside 12-7 over Maclay

Ponte Vedra 19-2 over Oak Hall

Melbourne Central Catholic 7-3 over Oviedo

Jesuit 11-5 over Newsome

Jupiter 13-11 over St. Thomas Aquinas

Western 19-11 over King’s Academy

Hagerty 18-6 over West Orange


Friday, April 12th

Martin County 7-4 over Merritt Island

LHP 16-11 over Lake Mary

American Heritage-Plantation 10-6 over Benjamin

Cardinal Mooney 17-8 over Bishop Moore

Montverde Academy 16-8 over Viera

Plant 10-8 over Riverview-Sarasota

Boone 10-8 over Winter Park

Saint Andrew’s 17-7 over Stoneman Douglas


Saturday, April 13th

Ponte Vedra 11-9 over Oxbridge

Gulf Breeze 16-6 over Leon



Underdog Upset of the Week


Coral Springs Charter 11-10 over Cypress Bay on Thursday

I did a double take on this one.  Cypress Bay is the largest school by population playing Boys Lacrosse at nearly 4,700 students according to my FHSAA info and Wikipedia, and Coral Springs Charter is a fraction of that.  Four years ago, Cypress Bay was a bracket team featuring Marquette recruit Anthony Courcelle and a solid supporting cast.

Coral Springs Charter lost to John I Leonard this year and also had a stretch of scoring only 9 goals in 6 games against a tough district schedule.

What the heck happened at Cypress Bay the last few years that led to this?


2nd Intermission

For the second intermission I want to introduce to many of you a YouTube channel that you need to follow and subscribe to.  Mike Loveday of, teams up with Mike Ward, who covers the Midwest high school lacrosse scene!  I’ve been a guest of Mike’s a number of times and he recently interviewed Pete Mastro of Tampa Lax Report too!  Mike is a big supporter of the Florida scene so let’s return the favor!



Sunshine State Conference Update


For those used to a certain hierarchy in the Sunshine State Conference on the Men’s side, how about this?


2019 Men’s Lacrosse Standings


School Conf CPct. Overall Pct. Home Away Neutral Streak
Lynn 5-1 0.833 10-3 0.769 7-1 3-1 0-1 W7
Tampa 5-1 0.833 11-5 0.688 6-3 3-1 2-1 L1
Saint Leo 4-2 0.667 9-5 0.643 7-2 2-2 0-1 W2
Rollins 3-3 0.500 9-4 0.692 5-0 4-4 0-0 W1
Florida Tech 3-3 0.500 7-4 0.636 3-1 3-3 1-0 L1
Florida Southern 3-3 0.500 8-7 0.533 6-2 2-4 0-1 W1
Palm Beach Atlantic 1-5 0.167 6-9 0.400 3-3 2-5 1-1 L6
Embry-Riddle 0-6 0.000 8-8 0.500 6-4 2-4 0-0 L6


Yes, that’s LYNN at the top!


And on the Women’s side we have this from today:


Rank Institution Points FPV Record Last Poll
1 Le Moyne 625 25 13-0 1
2 Adelphi 590 0 12-1 2
3 Rollins 555 0 13-1 T-5
4 Regis (Colorado) 537 0 13-0 9
5 Florida Southern 513 0 14-2 7
6 Tampa 488 0 10-3 T-5

THREE teams in the Top 6 of the Poll this week!


If you’re team has been eliminated from the high school and still need a fix, don’t forget we also have a heck of a college conference to attend games for too!


Lace Up For Lax


Our sport’s generosity goes unnoticed in many parts of the national media, which still sees us as some sort of White Privilege poster child but we know better in our state’s lacrosse community and once again we showed up.

On Thursday I witnessed the game between Western and King’s Academy and the latest installation of Lace up For Lax and both teams came to play, during AND after the game.

Our kids are more special than their stereotype and that needs to be reinforced over and over, until the know-it-alls are left with nothing else to say.




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Let’s not forget the important hash tags . . . 









Okay, once again it’s time for . . .

Lee’s Useless Pop Culture Trivia!


Casey, you’ll owe me one for this!  And the company will too . . .

Many of you are aware of the Casey Powell Video Game but do any of you know the company behind it?

From their website:

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And finally, we need an introduction to the Triple Crown Lacrosse FLN Top 25 . . .

And in honor of Ponte Vedra’s victory on Saturday . . .



The Triple Crown Lacrosse FLN Top 25 for the Week Ending April 14th!


1) Ponte Vedra – the t is gone

2) Oxbridge – the game is 48 minutes, not 36

3t) Saint Andrew’s – guts out another close call,

3t) Cardinal Mooney – and Cardinal Mooney deserves the co-ranking after their Bishop Moore win

5) Jupiter – offensive struggles HAVE been corrected

6) St. Thomas Aquinas – nearly the greatest comeback ever seen down here.  13-3 and then 13-11 before you knew it

7) American Heritage-Plantation – truly joins the elite level after the Benjamin win

8) Bishop Moore – was not fun but really revealing

9) Benjamin – this might be generous right now, and now a big hole at FOGO

10) Creekside – a holding pattern

11) St. Edward’s – keeps holding serve, should be a decent match for the Jupiter/Benjamin survivor

12) Lake Highland Prep – solid week with close loss to BM and nice win over Lake Mary

13) Riverview-Sarasota – did beat Berkeley, but now CM looms in District

14) Pine Crest – frankly this is getting ridiculous this year when you get to this area . . . but they only lost once and as I’ve said before, George Harris can coach

15) Oak Hall – not a match for PV, could easily be at 20+ the way this season is

16) Berkeley Prep – two tough games to finish and they split them on the road


I’m marking a line here because NO ONE CAN SEEM TO KEEP ABOVE THIS LINE


17) Western – a great opportunity to get to a regional final, can they?

18) Jesuit of Tampa – okay, I cheated a little and included today’s result

19) King’s Academy – the best one goal loss of the season followed by a butt kicking

20t) Hagerty – just a good season and a few goals shy of a special one

20t) Boone – win over Winter Park gets the nod

22) Winter Park – just a little short

23) Newsome – Jesuit is the final test . . . but they got a C- on it

24) Lake Mary – Great schedule gets them respect . . . but didn’t take advantage of enough chances

25t) Gulf Breeze – maybe gets closer to Oak Hall this time around

25t) Melbourne Central Catholic – can finally make a move in the playoffs

25t) Boca Raton – one goal loss to Pine Crest

Also Considered:

Bolles, Calvary Christian (Ft. Laud), Canterbury, Columbus, First Academy, Fleming Island, Gulf Coast, Gulliver Prep, Lake Brantley, Maclay, Out-of-Door Academy, Oviedo, Plant, Providence School, SJP II, Steinbrenner, Stoneman Douglas