How the PLL can be a Top 5 League in North America

FLN’s Note: This popped up on my YouTube feed yesterday and after watching it, I thought the readers might find it interesting to view. Although PLL has not made an appearance in Florida yet there are certainly Florida contacts in the league with a number of our kids playing in the league, as well as other links.

One thing I can say is that there is interest in a Florida location hosting a weekend and I am sure it will happen at some point given our growth in the sport. I can say that there was a bid to hold a weekend in Ft. Lauderdale at the stadium where the Miami MLS club plays and there might have been other Florida bids I am not aware of.

Either way, now that Paul Rabil has retired as an active player, we’ll be seeing him more and more as the face of the PLL’s outreach to more media and the general sporting public as we reach out to the casual sports fan. Those who talk to me frequently know that this is a big issue to me since the sport has struggled to get the casual sports fan to give us a chance. Certainly my hashtag “#TAFTAG” – Take a Friend to a Game is focused on that goal.

TV ratings for PLL have exceeded expectations but are not sufficient yet. During the video, Paul talks about a major announcement concerning a network broadcast deal. The first years of PLL were mostly seen on NBCSN, the NBC Sports Network, but that channel was dropped by NBC (and some of the rights have moved to USA Network, also in the NBC family) and no announcement of replacing that is in the public forum yet.

The video hints at more of a global reach for the next contract, which makes sense given how many countries are now taking up the sport and highlighting PLL globally makes a lot of sense with lacrosse being a newly added exhibition sport in the Olympics (I believe the 2028 will be the first year) and PLL being acknowledged as ‘the’ place to see the best players. Whether that means ESPN or maybe even someone like what will be the AT&T Time Warner-Discovery merger that is due to be completed by summertime, we’ll just have to see.

Either way, enjoy the video!