Jupiter 2022 Todd Giol Commits to Florida Tech!

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Congratulations to Todd on his college choice and good luck in the future!


Todd Giol

Graduation Year


High School

Jupiter Community High School



College Choice

Florida Tech

Why did you choose this college?

I chose Florida Tech because I am interested in pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering while having an opportunity to play college lacrosse. Coach Penn runs a great lacrosse program that is very similar to what I am used to, being competitive while still having fun. The coaching staff and university care about the success of their players, both on the field and in the classroom. Coach Penn was very helpful during the entire recruiting process, starting at our first meeting last August, allowing me to take the time needed to make a well thought out decision.

What Advice Would You Give Those Starting the Recruiting Process?

I would advise future recruits to be persistent in getting your name out to the college coaches whose programs you are interested in by filling out their recruiting forms, creating a recruiting profile, and sending emails. I also suggest that you start putting together film early because coaches rely a lot on that if they cannot get out to see you play in person. Make sure you really like the school you are interested in without the lacrosse experience as this will make your college experience well rounded.

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Who Would You Like to Thank for Getting You to Here?

I would like to thank the following coaches: Justin Moe for being like a second dad, coaching me and putting up with me for over 8 years, and encouraging me to play college lacrosse. Nick O’Hara, Danny Loftus, Ryan St. Croix, Matt Sofarelli, J.R. Glita and Tim Crotty for pushing me hard when I needed it most, training our team every day as if we were a top college program, and guiding us to a state championship. Bobby Hantske for helping me develop my individual skills. Jack East, Colin Hayek and Dennis Koleda for being like my big brothers, teaching me how to get prepared on game day and be the best teammate I could be. Doug Bailey and Rip Pratt for including me in a few tournaments, which gave me a chance to play with some of my future college teammates even though none of us knew it at the time. Chris Southard for setting an example of how to be a good person. Bobby May and Patrick Johnston for your support along the way. Mike Hasner and Randy Kerr for getting me started in lacrosse. I would also like to thank my parents for being there every step of the way, my teammates for playing alongside me, my extended family for being super supportive, and my friends for their encouragement.

What are your first memories of the sport?

My first memory is playing U9 rec lacrosse at JTAA. My neighbor, Coach Hasner, kept trying to convince me to play. I kept pushing it off until I got bored with baseball and all my friends were already playing lacrosse.

What is Your Favorite Memory From Your High School Career?

My favorite memory is winning states. The feeling of knowing all of our hard work paid off and we achieved the goal we set since the start was something I’ve never felt before.

What is Your Stick Brand? And Why?

I use the Carbon 2.0 Pro Power shaft. My head is the Warrior Evo 5 X. I use ECD 3.0 semi-hard mesh. I use this because I like it and have become used to it.

Which Lacrosse Player Do You Most Want to Have a Meal With and Why?

The player I most want to have lunch with is Ryan Brown because I want to learn how he has become such a dominant shooter with both hands.

Do You Watch College & Pro Games and What Are You Watching for to Make You a Better Player?

I do watch college and PLL games. The things I watch for when watching these games is shot placement from the shooters and and for defenses I watch how the teams slide.

What’s Your Go-To Meal After a Game?

Barbeque Zingers from Ale House.

What’s the One Thing Your Teammates Would be Surprised to Know About You?

That I can play the drums.