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LaxAllStars.Com: Who Is in Charge of Growing the Game of Lacrosse?

by Quint Kessenich, November 28th, 2022


Why does it seem like many athletes play lacrosse in high school and college and then turn their backs on the sport when they hang up their stick?

“My feeling is after they are done playing they get caught up in their own careers, marriage or relationships, and kids. If their kids or younger family members start playing that usually reengages them.”

– Paul Carcaterra, ESPN Analyst

This dilemma isn’t unique to lacrosse.

Why don’t former players attend games as fans and watch more games on television? How is it that they love playing lacrosse, but don’t love watching others play the game? Perhaps lacrosse is just a players sport.

“They really can’t talk about the sport with their coworkers around the water cooler or with their neighbors around their kid’s pool. Monday Night Football or the Ohio State vs Michigan game? Sure.  Yale vs Maryland lacrosse game the previous Saturday? Crickets. It’s not a part of the lexicon.”

– Anonymous Broadcasting Peer

How do we fix this problem?

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