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MCLA: SELC Unveils D-II Watch List

via MCLA press release

Plenty of Floridians on this list!

FORT MYERS, Fla. – A selection committee composed of head and assistant coaches representing both regions within the SouthEastern Lacrosse Conference (SELC) examined coaches’ nominations, game tape, past production and accolades to date for dozens of Division II players.

From amongst these, the committee identified 26 players of note who, based on the data currently available, will be in the discussion for All-SELC honors at season’s end.

“We have a lot of all-conference athletes returning at the Division II level this year, across all positions,” said Florida Gulf Coast coach Vinny Valentine. “I am grateful to be a part of this committee process that helps recognize the best of the best in one of the strongest conferences in the MCLA.

“It’s going to be very exciting to see the intraconference competition this year as well as watch how these young men continue to grow coming off a successful 2022 season.”

Grant Shafer, Senior – Florida Gulf Coast
Joe Shaub, Senior – Kennesaw State

William Watson, Senior – Florida Gulf Coast
Michael Romans, Senior – Kennesaw State
Umberto Zammataro, Junior – Florida Atlantic
Hunter Smith, Senior – Miami
Sean Bennett, Senior – North Florida
Carson Roisum, Junior – Florida Gulf Coast

Long-Stick Midfielders
Gabe Cirillo, Senior – Florida Atlantic
Scott Rzasa, Sophomore – Kennesaw State

Short Stick Defensive Midfielders
Tyler Nash, Senior – Florida Gulf Coast
Carson Patel, Senior – Georgia Southern

Faceoff Specialists
Adam Piejack, Sophomore – Kennesaw State
Brandon Huff, Senior – Florida Atlantic

Max Perez, Sophomore – Florida Gulf Coast
Colin Hunter, Sophomore – Florida Atlantic
Carter Boicourt, Junior – Georgia Southern
Brian Baumann, Junior – North Florida
Henry Layman, Senior – Georgia Southern
Nick Stone, Sophomore – Florida Atlantic

Jayson Andino, Senior – Florida Gulf Coast
Dylan Polanski, Junior – Kennesaw State
Ryan Thomas, Junior – Florida Atlantic
Christian Cucinotta, Junior – Florida Gulf Coast
Robert Westwater, Senior – Miami
Drake Summers, Junior – Florida Atlantic