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My Thanksgiving Wishes to Our Readers

Written by Lee Roggenburg on . Posted in , , .

(and from all of us at FLN!)

First, I want to acknowledge those who help keep FLN up and running . . . Mark Geddis, FLN’s business partner . . . Scott Holava, FLN’s Website Administrator and all-around nuts and bolts operator . . . Ernie Mahler . . . the only man who has been with FLN from the beginning, and our go-to photographer!

Thanks also to those who provide photos, story links, and the rest. Twitter followers and Facebook followers. Even Instagram followers who are very patient. YouTube subscribers and commenters across all the platforms.

Next would be our partners at Varsity Sports Network (@vsnflorida) . . . Bobby Latmore, my show host and latest lacrosse nut . . . Ontavious, who provides data and production support . . . and the rest of the staff and broadcasters, whom I am going to get to know a LOT better this season! Also to the viewers . . .

We hold the VSN record for most watched debut show on their station, thanks viewers!

A shout out to Brevard Sports Network (@sportsbrevard) and Alan Zlotorzynski, who has also become a lacrosse nut and fun to work with on his Facebook channel. Also thankful for Caleb Brown and the rest who put in the hard work to make FLN look good on their broadcasts!

Thanks for Tampa Lax Report, Lax904 and all the rest of the social media universe for their efforts in covering the sport and spreading the word!

Thanks to Wells Dusenbury, who was instrumental early in our existence for sharing his platforms.

I’m thankful for the great steps forward lacrosse has taken in the 10 years I’ve written about it here.

From two teams competing for a title and one dominant team on the Girl’s side . . . to the incredible Final Fours in Naples.

I’m thankful for all the events that are calling Florida home.

I’m thankful for more new programs at the college level and the coaches who are dedicated to building them. And to the high schools adding it.

I’m thankful for the kids I get to watch and write about.

I’m thankful for the high school coaches who teach them.

I’m thankful for the referees who keep the action flowing.

I’m thankful for the school administrators who support the sport and hope that more and more see what’s going on and join in. As well as those who take tickets, cut the grass, paint lines, clean lockers and all the rest of those who never get noted.

I’m thankful for the FHSAA for supporting the growth in the sport. And to Alex for always putting up with me.

I’m thankful for the college SID’s, who send us content to use.

Okay, I’m not thankful for the poor NFHS broadcasts . . . sorry, can’t go there . . . get your act together, the Final Four deserves a LOT MORE.

I’m thankful for all the relationships – coaches, parents and the rest – I’ve developed over the years and how many compliments we get for what we do.

I’m thankful for advertisers starting to see what we can offer.

I’m thankful that my health stayed, and I am still able to go to games.

I’m thankful for the Creator and the Haudenosaunee for allowing us to share in their gift to all of us.

I’m thankful my college plays this sport at a high level and streams the games.

I’m thankful for everyone I can’t think of right now . . . Except my family, who always supports what I do here . . .

I’m even thankful the Jets and Giants are actually playing relevant games this time of the year . . .

And a special thank you to the North Florida Chapter, who blessed me with a wonderful acknowledgement that will last forever.

If I missed anything, email me at and I’ll update this!