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Region 2 Boys 2A District Brackets

Lots of great possibilities in this but it really comes down to who ends up having to face Winter Park, which is easily the best team in the Region.

It really comes down to a few key games to determine seeding and the last at-large bid.

District 5

2023 FHSAA Boys Lacrosse District Tournament 2A District 5

Windermere holds the regular season win over West Orange. WO holds a 7-goal win over Lake Minneola. West Orange and Lake Minneola are on a collision course in the semifinals, and a win for WO should guarantee them an at-large bid, regardless of the final. But since they are 3 slots apart, the WO-Windermere final, if it comes to that, would definitely be about the #5/#6 seed.

District 6

2023 FHSAA Boys Lacrosse District Tournament 2A District 6

Winter Park wins this. No need to debate it.

Where we get intrigue is where Lake Howell ends up. They’re a lock to be in the bracket, but they are one team where LN feels differently to FHSAA. Lake Howell beat the teams they were supposed to, but had some bad losses when they went up in competition. Timber Creek should be able to hold on to their current at-large slot, but an upset by Dr Phillips over Lake Nona might cause them that slot. A good showing versus Lake Howell in the semifinal would help a lot. The 2 teams did not play in the regular season.

District 7

2023 FHSAA Boys Lacrosse District Tournament 2A District 7

Lake Nona and Dr Phillips are vying for the District title in all likelihood, and Dr Phillips needs to win to get in. If they do, Lake Nona is right on the cusp of falling out entirely. Celebration actually knocked off Dr Phillips in the regular season, so Lake Nona might not have to face the possibility.

District 8

2023 FHSAA Boys Lacrosse District Tournament 2A District 8

Vero Beach and Viera on a collision course in this 4-team District, as Melbourne did not take another step up this season. They played a one-goal game in the regular season and a Viera win here could leapfrog them all the way up to #2, which is important for any school, to avoid Winter Park until the regional final. Melbourne would need to win the District to get in, but they lost badly to both teams.