Report Media Coverage Feature Explained

As we are coming up to the college and high school seasons, I want to take a little time to explain how to utilize this feature to let us know about stories that we want to link to.

Florida kids in college get featured on their School’s website, local media, and any number of other places. There is no easier way to let us know than to use this feature.

Kids in high school also will have coverage that would be a great share with the site readers, whether via an online article, YouTube clip (please do not send us your college highlight recruiting clips, we would be overwhelmed with those and unable to accommodate the volume) or something similar that we can have a URL provided for.

Maybe even report to us something that might be of interest to the readers that is not about a Florida kid.

Send it in and let me see if we can use it!

When you look at the Home Page, you will see towards the top:

Click on the Report Media Coverage link and this opens up:

Just fill in those three items, click the Captcha Box and hit Submit!

Your Email Address is just so I can identify and contact you when the article goes up, as well as a follow up question if needed.

The News Source is where you copy and paste the URL.

The Date of Coverage so I can check to make sure it isn’t a duplicate submission we already posted.

Thanks for helping us keep up to date on information and coverage we might miss because we didn’t know where to look!