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Sweet 16 – Win 4 to Score – The Northeast Semifinals

  First, the predictions from last week . . .   Ponte Vedra vs Lake Mary Maclay vs Bolles   Which is the same matchups we had last season. Funny, it doesn’t feel the same though . . .   Well, got that correct.  Even a blind squirrel . . .   Maclay Travels to Bolles   Bolles comes in at 13-7 and this is a rematch of last year’s Final 16 game, won by Maclay 8-6 at home.  I have not seen either of these two teams this season and the results with common opponents leaves little to choose from.  They do own an early season win over Oak Hall.  Maclay is now 11-7.  Both teams have first year coaches, although Bolles head coackh Mulvey has coached at Bolles before (thanks Mike!).  Bolles had the harder first round game to get by.   Prediction:  Bolles gains revenge for last year and wins 10-7 to get to their first Final 8 since 2013.   Ponte Vedra Travels to Lake Mary   Realistically this is the game that will decide the Final Four slot as neither Bolles nor Maclay will be a tougher opponent this year.  Surprisingly there are not a lot of common opponents this year.  PV has only one loss this year, on the road at Jupiter, and Lake Mary has been up and down all year due to injuries and inconsistency. It is going to take a monumental effort for Lake Mary to find a way to keep in this game as Ponte Vedra is prolific at scoring goals.  It certainly can not become a track race.   Prediction:  Lake Mary will keep it competitive into the third quarter but PV will pull away as they continue their path to a reappearance in the championship game with a 14-8 win.