ATS – Westminster Academy Lax Captain Chase Lalonde Is Walking Again!


Author’s Note:  I don’t know how I missed this story.  Didn’t put two and two together.  There was a tweet or some sort of note from an Immokalee game about a player being airlifted to a hospital but it didn’t register to me.  But I saw someone tweet this article out today and I’m kicking myself for not following up.

Chase Lalonde was playing for Westminster Academy against Immokalee and was injured severely during the game.

But thankfully, the story looks like it is having a happy ending according to an article today in the Sun-Sentinel of Ft. Lauderdale!


Teen Walks Out Of Hospital Weeks After Lacrosse Accident Leaves Him Paralyzed

by Austen Erblat, photo by Susan Stocker



When a high school lacrosse player suffered a traumatic spine injury in the middle of a game, doctors thought he may never walk again.

But on Thursday — just three weeks after the Fort Lauderdale teen was airlifted across the state to receive surgery and therapy — he shocked doctors and therapists.

Chase Lalonde, 16, stood up from his wheelchair in the lobby of Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital in Hollywood and walked.

Lalonde was playing for Westminster Academy in a March 2 game in Immokalee, near Florida’s west coast. About five minutes into the game, he was hit and fell to the ground. His coach rushed over when he was unable to get back up and heard Lalonde’s terrifying words: “Coach, I can’t move.”


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