MLL Commissioner Sandy Brown’s Letter to Florida Launch Fans


I received this in my email this morning and I assume it went to all recipients on the Florida Launch email list:


Dear Fans,

I would like to update you on some meaningful developments in MLL.

On Friday, March 22, our MLL team owners met in Boston to discuss the growth of our league. The meeting produced two important outcomes.

First, the owners agreed to adopt a one team, one owner strategy.

Second, effective immediately, MLL has reacquired all linear, digital and social media rights.

The impact of these decisions will lay a path for growth for the league not felt since MLL’s inception almost 20 years ago. At the same time, there will be a reorganization of the MLL team structure.

The new structure to which I refer, will mean that certain teams will be available for sale, and thus, will not operate in 2019. Those teams are the Charlotte Hounds, the Ohio Machine and the Florida Launch.

Our decision to restructure the league is part of our plan to focus on expanding in strategic markets under new ownership with the aim of establishing Eastern and Western conferences. Our owners agreed that limiting the ownership structure to one team per owner was important to position the league for future success.

The reacquisition of our media rights will allow us to engage national broadcast partners with broader reach for our players, fans and sponsors.

What was achieved in South Florida over the past five years is something for which you should be proud. You developed a playoff caliber franchise and engaged the community, growing and inspiring young players throughout southern Florida to cheer, pick up a stick and help grow the game. We could not be more grateful for your contributions to the league.

For the Launch players, the league will conduct a draft at the end of April, which will redistribute them to other teams in the league. We know that they will contribute to their new teams, just as they did to the Launch.

In closing, MLL offers a unique experience to bring together the best fans in the game with the most inspiring athletes. This strategy positions Major League Lacrosse well to bring the experience you know to larger audiences nationwide.

Thank you once more for your support of the Launch family.




Alexander P. Brown

Major League Lacrosse Commissioner