Potential Game Changer on the Horizon for Florida Lacrosse!!! FLN in Talks with Fox Sports Florida!

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The lacrosse community has toiled long and hard, and mostly in anonymity, in the mainstream media.  We’ve had our moments in local newspapers and a few TV mentions here and there, but honestly we are well down the totem pole in coverage statewide.  For those who did not know back when Wells Dusenbury and I recorded a weekly podcast for ESPN 106.3 in West Palm Beach, those podcasts were the MOST LISTENED TO on that station, ahead of the Dolphins, Heat, High School Football, etc.

The simple answer for that was ‘where else could you go for information back them’?  This was before Tampa Lax Report started and other information providers were around, although Ray Carnicelli’s Lax904 was up and running.  He concentrated mostly on the Jacksonville area and has success with that audience.

Both Tampa Lax Report and North Florida Lacrosse (a twitter-only platform) have been joined over the last few years on both the Boys and Girls side by more coverage in many ways, but so far only FLN has been a statewide effort.

Well, now I can reveal that FLN is in talks with Fox Sports Florida and LSN to produce a 30-minute High School Recap show! 

This is something that does not exist in many areas . . . I actually personally know only of the Long Island/NY recap show on MSG Cable in the NY metropolitan area.  There probably are a few others and some things online but we would be unique with this show!

Right now we are talking to Fox Sports Florida and there is definitely interest, but we are selling a concept that they have never thought of with our sport and they need to feel comfortable that there will be an audience for it.  Should we prove the market exists this might well be only the first step, but that step is a major one.


What FLN is asking the lacrosse community is to contact Fox Sports Florida and let them know your interest in watching the show if aired.

Here are the contact methods you can use:

Link to page is HERE

Have a question or comment for FOX Sports Florida? Here’s how to reach us …




FOX Sports Florida
500 E. Broward Blvd., Suite 1300
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33394


When you do contact them, PLEASE be respectful towards them.  Something as simple as “I’ve heard rumors that you are discussing a potential lacrosse recap show and I’m/We’re very interested in watching it if you go forward”.  It’s simply conveying to them that there is a market out there for the sport.

We at FLN thank you for the efforts you take.  Let the parents, coaches, referees, administrators, etc. that you know to get involved!