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USA Lacrosse: Helpful Hints for First-Time Buyers of Boys’ Lacrosse Helmets

By Paul Ohanian | Photo by John Strohsacker – Oct 18th, 2022


For players and parents just getting started in lacrosse, we know that finding the right equipment can be a bit confusing, and perhaps, even a little intimidating. It’s important to know that there are key differences in the required protective equipment between the boys’ and girls’ game, as well as between field players and goalies. Also, box lacrosse has its own unique gender-neutral equipment requirements.

In the boys’ field game, perhaps the most perplexing piece of equipment to purchase is the helmet. All major rule sets require a NOCSAE certified lacrosse helmet.

So, what should you look for when you are shopping for a boys’ helmet?

Our USA Lacrosse Sports Science & Safety Committee experts offer some helpful tips to parents and players when shopping for a new lacrosse helmet.

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