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USA Lacrosse Magazine on the New USF Women’s Program!

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via USA Lacrosse Magazine

Program-Builder Mindy McCord Ready for Another Challenge at USF

Wed, Jun 8th, 2022 | Tom Layberger | College


When the University of South Florida reached out to express interest in interviewing her to be the first coach of a women’s lacrosse program that will take the field in 2023-24, Mindy McCord thought it would be a good opportunity to drive to Tampa to exchange some thoughts and ideas about the sport and its growth in the Sunshine State.

“I wasn’t looking to leave,” McCord said of her successful 13-year coaching tenure at Jacksonville. “When they called and asked permission to speak to me, my thought was to go see what they are doing and share ideas on how we were able to be successful [at Jacksonville]. I wanted to do that because you want other programs in the state to thrive and you want more schools in the state to add the sport.”

While there was much discussion to that extent, McCord came away from meetings with USF athletic director Michael Kelly, deputy athletic director Kris Pierce and other staff members impressed with not only the direction of the athletic department, but the university as well.

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