Delray Beach Riptide Lacrosse Gearing up for Another Year

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From the Sun Sentinel
Kevin Finneran said Florida is one of four states where community lacrosse is the next big thing.
His organization, Delray Beach Riptide Lacrosse, is a little hotbed in the national lacrosse community. Finn said he’s ready to lead Delray Beach Riptide Lacrosse as director for his second straight season.
Delray Beach Riptide Lacrosse is made up of 300 boys and girls, students from kindergarten to eighth grade, who are learning to play the game properly. The first week of practice starts Monday, and after just a couple weeks of training, Delray Beach Riptide Lacrosse will open a new season the first week of February that includes matches against youth lacrosse competition against the South Florida towns and cities of Davie, Weston, Parkland, Jupiter and even north into Martin County.
Finn said it’s all under the tutelage of the South Florida Youth Lacrosse League.
“We’re the fun phase, the listening phase where they learn lacrosse and then they move on,” Finn said. “I make sure they get better. Even if they’ve never played we will work with them and they will learn the game properly. My goal is that it’s a memorable experience for the lacrosse player.”
And he knows the game better than most that’ve ever faced-off in a lacrosse mesh jersey, he’s face-dodged, sticked or poked checked and scored with the world’s best lacrosse players and made lacrosse one of the nation’s fastest growing sports.
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