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FLN Weekly High School Media Poll (Well, This Writer Anyhow!) – 3/27/16

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  Let’s have a little fun this week and look at things a little different.  As expected, little happened this week with the Top 20 since much of the teams were on shortened schedules due to spring break . . . I’m going to do something that came up on the LaxPower forum (humor me Brian!) . . . What if we had separate polls for the Private and Public Schools? So, this week, since there was little movement in the combined Top 20 let’s do separate Top 15 polls for those two categories!   As I mentioned last week, and the week before, and the week before . . . Florida teams need to reserve their places!  
Laxpalooza Florida 2016
  I’m going to keep reminding you until the slots are all filled up so you might as well get going on this!   And now, one of the great Spring Break comedy routines . . . Okay, not quite. But Ruth Buzzi roasting Muhammad Ali is must-watch TV!   It’s hard to describe how much enjoyment we late Baby boomers got out of the Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts. Of course, times were different back then and some of the humor would cause marching in the streets today. But Muhammad was a really good sport about this back then.   Okay, let’s review last week’s Top 20   #1 – Saint Andrew’s – lost to national power Boys’ Latin – that’s not moving the needle #2 tie –  St. Thomas Aquinas – solid 10-7 win over Lake Mary, one game shy of a second consecutive undefeated regular season #2 tie – Ponte Vedra – off this week #4 – Oxbridge – swept the west coast over Barron Collier and Cardinal Mooney #5 – Jupiter – OT loss at Lake Highland #6 – Maclay – two excellent road wins, defense is really stingy #7 –  Lake Brantley – low scoring win over tough Winter Park #8 – Lake Highland – big Jupiter win #9 – H.B. Plant – quiet week #10 –  Benjamin – didn’t anyone tell them you’re supposed to go SOUTH for spring break? #11 –  Jensen Beach – quiet week, big home game on Friday #12 – Lake Mary – solid effort at STA, nice win at Matanzas #13 – Creekside – off all week #14 –  Nease – lost at home to Maclay #15 – Gulliver Prep – easy home win #16  – Vero Beach – cruised at home, huge game at Jupiter coming up #17 –  Stoneman Douglas – rained out #18 –   Oak Hall – what to make of this week?  Better get it together. #19 –  Buchholz – off all week #20 tie Belen Jesuit and Dr. Phillips – Belen ugly on Monday, Dr. P off all week   Also considered:   Berkeley Prep – easy week, big games coming up Cardinal Gibbons – off all week Matanzas – heartbreak city last week Newsome – Wednesday is possible pay back Winter Park – another heartbreak city   Key Game Results from Last Week   Monday Belen Jesuit 5-3 over Boca Raton Melbourne Central Catholic 12-7 over Oak Hall Tuesday Bolles 12-7 over Fleming Island Lake Highland Prep 11-10 in OT over Jupiter Boys’ Latin 10-5 over Saint Andrew’s Wednesday Bishop Moore 14-9 over Melbourne Central Catholic Lake Mary 10-9 over Matanzas Thursday Fleming Island 16-12 over Matanzas Lake Brantley 4-2 over Winter Park Friday Oxbridge 11-5 over Cardinal Mooney Maclay 11-5 over Nease Saturday Maclay 7-1 over Bolles St. Thomas Aquinas 10-7 over Lake Mary   Some Random Thoughts   I’m really glad to see how much interest there was in the Referee piece I posted today . . . 232 Facebook likes and 13 shares of the article, including by the Georgia Referee group as I write this. Do something really big the next game you attend. Thank a referee.   Inside Lacrosse posted an article on Saint Andrew’s head coach Tony Seaman on Friday and it’s a fun read. IL Article Wow, I have to ask Brian to humor me twice in one week . . .   Rainouts this late in a season are a real drag Not likely to be made up and sometimes they were really important tune up games I was at Pine Crest on Tuesday and Jensen Beach traveled down to play. Instead, it turned out to be an example of how difficult it can be to play lacrosse down here Total travel time for Jensen was probably at least 4 hours. They never got off the bus. The only saving grace? They were parked next to the Cold Spring Harbor (NY) Girls bus . . . anyone notice if phone numbers got exchanged? Or in this day and age did they just Instagram each other?   Time for an interlude For those of you who wonder about our political year, it’s not like it’s never happened before . . .   And now the Underdog Upset of the Week   Underdog   The first one that comes to mind was Melbourne Central Catholic’s 12-7 win over Oak Hall. Not that MCC is a weak team . . . I did have them ranked one week but after Vero Beach clocked them by ten goals and St. Edwards took them to OT at home I had no inkling this was a possibility. But they did pull it out Unfortunately for them two days later they lost to Bishop Moore Which made this choice easier, even if that seems a little counter-intuitive to some.   A second choice was Durant’s 15-12 win over Sickles. Durant was 3-6 going in and one of those was a forfeit win. Sickles started strong but has come down to earth recently and with this loss they are reeling. But Durant definitely deserves credit for this one.   And now a word from our sponsor   45 years ago this commercial came out . . . When will some people learn that actions speak louder than words? For some . . . never.  They’d rather talk. Talk’s cheap.   Big Games This Week   Monday Steinbrenner hosts Plant Tuesday Bolles hosts Nease Jupiter hosts Vero Beach Winter Park hosts West Orange Wednesday Gulliver Prep hosts Berkeley Prep Plant hosts Newsome Thursday American Heritage-Boca hosts Stoneman Douglas STA hosts Jupiter Friday Jensen Beach hosts Oxbridge The Florida/Georgia Challenge at Lake Mary Oak Hall hosts Ponte Vedra Saint Andrew’s hosts Belen Jesuit Saturday Berkeley Prep hosts Newsome The Florida/Georgia Challenge at Lake Mary   Now, to clean the palette before the we do the two Top 15’s Believe it or not, my favorite professional wrestler of all time! YouTube is full of her work.  The Dangerous Queen . . .   And here we go . . .   First, the top 15 Non-Public Schools   #1 – Saint Andrew’s #2 – St, Thomas Aquinas #3 – Oxbridge Academy #4 – Maclay #5 – Lake Highland Prep #6 – Benjamin #7 – Gulliver Prep #8 – Belen Jesuit #9 – Melbourne Central Catholic #10 – Oak Hall #11 – Pine Crest #12 – Berkeley Prep #13 – Bishop Moore #14 – American Heritage-Plantation #15 – Cardinal Gibbons   Also considered:  Cardinal Mooney, St. Edwards,   And now, the Top 15 Public Schools   #1 – Ponte Vedra #2 – Jupiter #3 – Lake Brantley #4 – HB Plant #5 – Lake Mary #6 – Jensen Beach #7 – Creekside #8 – Vero Beach #9 – Nease #10 – Stoneman Douglas #11 – Buchholz #12 – Dr. Phillips #13 – Matanzas #14 – Newsome #15 – Winter Park   Also considered:  Barron Collier, West Orange, Bolles, Fleming Island   Okay, remember, this is the last week of the regular season Get out to a game Bring a friend Thank a Referee   Not that hard is it?   Bonus Coverage   The most physical women’s wrestling match of all time . . . Big Egg Wrestling Universe “God made the devil just for fun . . . When he wanted the real thing he made Aja Kong” Awesome lyrics. Japan absolutely fascinates me.