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Predicting The 32 Team Bracket – The Districts Are Here – Districts 9-16!

Written by Lee Roggenburg on . Posted in .
  District 9 – Lake Howell hosts Hagerty vs Lake Howell Winter Park vs Oviedo This should be a Hagerty vs Winter Park final and Hagerty won the regular season game at home by 6 goals.  WP will not get home field for the final so I don’t see this being a lot for Hagerty to handle.  Maybe a close game but Hagerty pulls away to continue their big year.   District 10 – LHP hosts LHP hosts . . . need I say more? LHP vs East River Boone vs Timber Creek LHP handled all three but I expect a little run from Boone in this one, with LHP going on.  Their final 7 games included Boone, Benjamin, SA, Jupiter, Mountain Vista (CO) and Bishop Moore.  that should get them prepared.   District 11 – Montverde Academy hosts West Orange vs Apopka Montverde vs Lake Minneola Montverde finished well and West Orange stumbled but WO holds the comfortable regular season win and it might be a year early for Montverde, who has really come on strong quickly as a program.  The home field will certainly narrow the margin but look for West Orange to go through.   District 12 – Bishop Moore hosts Bishop Moore vs Windermere Prep First Academy vs Dr. Phillips Bishop Moore is on a path of winning and nothing here stops that as they easily move on.   District 13 – All Saints Academy hosts Lakeland vs Celebration All Saints Academy vs Bartow We discussed this three-way battle for the regular season title and Bartow finished with the short stick.  None of these teams played a tough out of district game and Lakeland took the ASA game.  ASA’s home field advantage might well kick in here but they have to be sure to not overlook Bartow in the first round, as they have already played twice. Not an easy one to pick but I’ll go with the home field advantage in this one and take ASA, but I’m not betting anything of value on it.   District 14 – Tampa Bay Tech hosts Newsome vs Tampa Bay Tech Durant vs Bloomingdale Newsome is undefeated and the rest have losing records.  A Newsome loss would rival the 1980 US Hockey team as an upset here.   District 15 – Tampa Jesuit hosts Tampa Jesuit vs HB Plant Berkeley Prep vs Tampa Catholic The best first round game of all.  A Top 10 team from last season vs a Top 20 team this year.  Yikes. This one is brutal to decide but I suspect that the winner goes on to beat Berkeley in a heck of a final.  Having not seen any of the three teams this year I can only admit picking a winner is an educated guess.  I probably should have put Plant in my Also Considered Top 20 too.  They’ve been taken for granted and their TJ loss was by one and the BP loss was by two so there’s no reason to think it can’t be them either. I’m just going to recommend all fans in that area go out and enjoy the doubleheader and final.   District 16 – Sickles hosts Sickles vs Wharton Alonso vs Steinbrenner Sickles won the regular season game at home vs Steinbrenner by 6 and that’s the same setup for the final. Sickles goes on to face a team they will likely struggle with regardless of the matchup   That leaves us with a heck of a bracket   Hagerty vs LHP West Orange vs Bishop Moore All Saints Academy vs Newsome Sickles vs Tampa Jesuit, Plant or Berkeley Prep