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Two Rounds Complete: Our Bracket Challenge Results So Far

Written by Lee Roggenburg on . Posted in .
  Well, the first round was a little harder to pick than in previous years. No one went 16/16 . . . thank you Oxbridge No one went 15/16 One person did go 14/16, even though he did not pick his home team . . . We’ll keep him anonymous for now. And that person only went 4/8 in the second round so they are not really close to the lead. Another item is that a number of entrants had SA going all the way so those who are sitting with STA are looking pretty solid right now, but there are also a number of Ponte Vedra champion entrants too. Only one entrant has the defending champs going all the way.   Plenty of permutations possible . . . .   So, here’s the standings after the first two rounds:   First Place with 27 points:  John Prizer and Mark Albers Third Place with 26 points:  Josh Gracia and David Ott Fifth Place with 25 points:  Kirk Faryniasz, Pete Opresko, Doug Shanahan, Chris Bezick, Riordan Cheatham and Kepler Funk   The super fans are slightly ahead of the coaches! Good luck the rest of the way and we will be back to you early next week.