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Weekly MLL Conference Call: Coach Stan Ross

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  Writer’s Note: The MLL went to a different format for their weekly Conference Call to the media a few weeks back.  Instead of a call in format they have gone to a live program on the Lax Sports Network and the league will now provide transcripts of the event going forward.  Those who would like to watch the weekly conference call can check with LSN to see when they can watch.  It usually is scheduled for Wednesday afternoons but the schedule does have some flexibility to it. Here is this week’s transcript of Coach Ross’ section.  I will upload the rest of the league in a separate posting.   Florida Launch, Coach Ross   Talk to me about Florida itself, it hasn’t played for a while. How is that going to affect you or do you think these players are really hungry to get out there now? When we went out to Denver two weeks ago, we hadn’t played in three weeks with the cancellation of the game so it took us a while to get it going but we fought back pretty hard against a good Denver team and just fell short in the fourth quarter so you take some more time off now we’ve got four games in the next two weeks, if you’re sitting in our positon you want to play as many games as possible and want to start climbing that ladder so it can only help us.   What’s the game plan going into this game to take down the Lizards? We’re going to try and get the ball, win a couple of face- offs and control the tempo of the game and try slowing down their offense.   Are you planning on throwing the “two headed monster” at Greg Gurenlian? We’re going to throw a couple of different things at them tomorrow night, yes.   Are there any key guys that are going to be missing this weekend due to having a Thursday night game? In terms of our roster, we’re pretty good there. We let the guys know well in advance that this is the priority and we have a lot of guys who live in New York and Boston and Philadelphia so it may be easier for them to get to New York than for them to get down to Florida to be honest with you.   Are we going to see a team that is going to come out and play differently than we’ve seen all season long?   I think when we get on the same page and we put it together for an entire game, we can be pretty good. The hard part with this league and where we’re located, it’s hard to get the practices in and even with this game, guys that have full time jobs, if they don’t live in the NY area, they have to leave work and they’re essentially taking Thursday and Friday off this week and that’s a lot of time off for lacrosse.   How cool is it that the three Thompson brothers are going to be on the field at the same time? I think that it’s going to be a pretty special environment. I think having those three guys together is going to be really unique for them and for the fans. We’ve done a lot of firsts there and this is just another first we’re going to be doing.   What is your role going forward? What are you looking for your players to do and what are you looking for the Launch to do? I just want to take one game at a time and go out there and compete. I want to be successful in what we can control and that’s us going out and playing against the Lizards. I don’t want to look ahead too much, I want to play tomorrow night against New York and put together a full game. I still think this team has a lot of talent and if we can put it together we can make a serious run at this thing.   Is it nice to have two games in one weekend to have the guys spending some together and getting some chemistry? Having four games in the next two weeks is going to be hopefully beneficial for us. It can’t hurt us. I think the majority of the team is going to be on the same flight on Friday leaving New York heading to Florida so they’ll be together with that and the following week we’ll all be together again so it’s going to be a really unique opportunity for us to travel together and to continue to build that chemistry. We’ll take it when we can get it.   Is there anything from a Casey Powell standpoint that’s going to be done at Florida or is he just going to leave the League and go on to his university? We’re working to do some unique things for Casey. Obviously he’s one of the best players in the world and he’s done a lot for the game and in Florida. I think he’s taking the next step in his career but he’ll still be involved in the game at all different levels event though he’s coaching at Jacksonville but he’ll still be doing a lot of different things and we wish him the best of luck.