Wounded Warrior Project Event Tonight at The First Academy (Orlando)

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Above – TFA’s Zach Oliver.  His Grandfather (30 yrs) and Uncle (26 yrs) both career Navy men.

Steve Torres - Timber Creek
Steve Torres – Timber Creek

For the third year The Roylas of TFA will host a WWP fundraiser at the Payne Stewart Athletic Complex on the campus of The First Academy at 2667 Bruton Blvd. in  Orlando.   TFA head coach David Oliver’s father was a thirty year veteran of the Navy.  “When he passed away 3 years ago, it motivated me to honor our veterans,” Oliver said. “My Brother also was retiring from the military that year after 26 years in The Navy. TFA had also been involved with the Home at Last and Habitat for Humanities charities during that year . Our wounded warrior club and athletic teams helped with several of these homes and veterans who are local families in Oakland, Florida, all of whom were veterans from Afghanistan and Iraq wars. The event was started 3 years ago. “

Most of the work they have done with the Wounded Warrior Project has been done in Oakland, Florida (West Orlando).  TFA has been involved with this outreach for the past 3-4 years.  A number of local Veterans are settling in that area and Home at Last / Habitat for Humanities charaties have been instrumental in providing homes and resources for needy families who have returned home from War. At this particular event, they will be taking donations at the game and proceeds will be used to help SGT Tovet and his family, who are moving into an Oakland home in the near future.

This weekend’s event consists of The First Academy hosting West Orange at 5:00 and Timber Creek taking on Olympia at 7:00.  Both of those games are tonight at the Payne Stewart Athletic Complex.  Between the two games a ceremony honoring  our wounded warriors is taking place.  All four teams will come together for a photo  and each team will designate a captain to present a game ball to each Veteran.

All Military and Civil Servants (fire, police) will receive free entry at the gate. They are encourage to wear their uniforms.

Tomorrow TFA plays host to Timber Creek at a 1:45 game, also at the Payne Stewart Athletic Complex.