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A Parent’s Perspective: Ghosts Do Exist in College Lacrosse Recruiting

via USA Lacrosse Magazine


Editor’s Note: The recruiting period for current high school juniors (class of 2025) started Sept. 1. This letter is being published under the condition of anonymity to protect the prospect’s recruiting interests.

I didn’t know ghosts existed until my 2025 daughter started the recruiting process.

As a parent in this path toward college lacrosse for the first time, I was clueless. Everyone around us discussed Sept. 1 either with the anxiety of a bungee jumper headed to the ledge or the excitement of a kid at Christmas time. We sat on a club team call and heard someone say to us, “Remember, this is not a day but the beginning of a journey.”

It made sense to my daughter and me. After all, it’s the beginning of her junior year. She’s barely 16. To define her future by one singular circle on the calendar seemed strange.

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