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Bracketology Friday! Boys Region 3 – 2A

First, let me explain how I came to these conclusions since there are some assumptions we had to make, given how little the FHSAA gave out:

I started with the 4/5/22 FHSAA rankings, and since no one in Gainesville would confirm or deny that the games of 4/4 were included, I will go with what Tampa Lax Report said and make 4/5 the starting point for including results.

According to some of what was probable, the District playoff games carried a little more weight than a regular season game. The issue of a head to head win was never confirmed, so I will count the head to head in the playoff as more important.

Won-Loss record certainly seemed to be more important than first thought and strength of schedule less important, so I carried that thinking over too.

There are a few games left today due to weather and a brush fire, so they are inclusive of both schools when projecting positions/slots.

We are going to do one of these articles for each region – 16 in total.

I have no reason to think geography will be part of the selection process, like it is in the NCAA at times. If a District rematch is indicated in the first round, I am assuming it will be played. There is no indication that the FHSAA will avoid first round rematches at this time.

Margin of victory does not seem important, and a forfeit is not counted (this is problematic if won-loss is so important).

Okay, if I think of something else, I’ll add it!

Region 3 – Boys 2A

This region turned into a highly competitive bracket, and it came down to the last few games of the night. The key result to change the rankings was Gulf Coast, the second team out as of 4/4, taking District 12 with the 8-5 win over Riverview-Sarasota. Throw in Mitchell’s snapping of Steinbrenner’s winning streak and this bracket looks very different from what it was on 4/4.

No change at the top. All season it was Plant #1 and Newsome #2 and that is still true. Mitchell’s win gave them #3 and Gulf Coast, a team I felt was disrespected all year, gathered #4. Steinbrenner slides into the #5 seed.

There’s quite a grouping going on for the way the final three teams are lining up:

East Lake – #17 – 1-3 record since 4/4, lost in the semifinal

Alonso – #18 – 4-1 record, final loss

Riverview – #21 – 2-2 record, lost final

Lakewood Ranch – #31 – 2-1 record, lost in semifinal


Gulf Coast’s win eliminated Lakewood Ranch from a likely #8 seed

East Lake’s late swoon sends them back and it should be enough for Riverview to pass them for #7, as Alonso should be #6 with the comparative end of seasons.


So, this is how it looks:

#1 Plant vs #8 East Ridge

#2 Newsome vs #7 Riverview-Sarasota

#3 Mitchell vs #6 Alonso

#4 Gulf Coast vs #5 Steinbrenner