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Bracketology Friday! Boys Region 4 – 2A

First, let me explain how I came to these conclusions since there are some assumptions we had to make, given how little the FHSAA gave out:

I started with the 4/5/22 FHSAA rankings, and since no one in Gainesville would confirm or deny that the games of 4/4 were included, I will go with what Tampa Lax Report said and make 4/5 the starting point for including results.

According to some of what was probable, the District playoff games carried a little more weight than a regular season game. The issue of a head to head win was never confirmed, so I will count the head to head in the playoff as more important.

Won-Loss record certainly seemed to be more important than first thought and strength of schedule less important, so I carried that thinking over too.

There are a few games left today due to weather and a brush fire, so they are inclusive of both schools when projecting positions/slots.

We are going to do one of these articles for each region – 16 in total.

I have no reason to think geography will be part of the selection process, like it is in the NCAA at times. If a District rematch is indicated in the first round, I am assuming it will be played. There is no indication that the FHSAA will avoid first round rematches at this time.

Margin of victory does not seem important, and a forfeit is not counted (this is problematic if won-loss is so important).

Okay, if I think of something else, I’ll add it!

Region 4 – Boys 2A

St. Thomas and Jupiter have been the big boys the last few years and nothing changed. STA’s regular season win over the Warriors gave them the inside track to the #1 seed and that never changed. Jupiter clearly at #2. Columbus dominated their district and after the Stoneman/West Broward suspensions it was a clear path for the Boca Raton/Spanish River winner for the #4 seed. Spanish River was one of the pleasant surprises of the season and they will make the bracket.

One irony of the suspensions is that we have a #4 seed with a 5-11 record, and that’s an anomaly we might not ever see again.

Western and Wellington have both closely aligned much of the year in the battle for #5/#6, as each have the STA/Jupiter tandem to deal with. Palm Beach Central had a nice season and never fell out of an at-large bid. Dwyer fell off as the season went on and Spanish River became opportunistic.

The at-large charge came down to:

Wellington – #14 – 1-3 record after 4/4, lost in the finals

Western – #15 – 2-1 record, lost in the finals

Spanish River – #30 – 2-2 record, lost in final

Palm Beach Central – #33 – 3-1 record, lost in the semifinal


With the better season-end, Western should move to the #5 seed with Wellington at #6.

Spanish River and Palm Beach Central are in a tight race for #7, but SR made a district final versus PBC losing in the semifinals, and I feel that will hold up over the difference in the late-season record.


So, this is how it looks:

#1 St. Thomas Aquinas vs #8 Palm Beach Central

#2 Jupiter vs #7 Spanish River

#3 Columbus vs #6 Wellington

#4 Boca Raton vs #5 Western