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Bracketology Predictions – Region 2

I’m not sure how fast the FHSAA will release, but here’s a running tally of what I am thinking currently, with a number of games to play.

Region 2 is complete, so here is my thought:

Boys 1A

#1 Benjamin vs #8 Windermere Prep

#2 LHP vs #7 West Shore

#3 St Edward’s vs #6 Montverde

#4 Holy Trinity vs #5 Bishop Moore

Tight between HT and BM (12 vs 17 going in) but winning the District should keep HT at #4.  West Shore (#7 seed), Trinity Prep (1st Out) and Jensen Beach (2nd Out) all lost semifinals in District, so WS at 28 should hold off Trinity at 33 and Jensen at 35 coming into the District.

Boys 2A

#1 Winter Park vs #8 Timber Creek

#2 Vero Beach vs #7 Lake Nona

#3 Windermere vs #6 West Orange

#4 Lake Howell vs #5 Viera

Windermere’s (#4 seed/18) district win jumps them over Viera (#3 seed/19) and Lake Howell (#3 seed/16). Viera and Lake Howell lost title games to WP and VB.  Lake Howell falling to WP is a better loss than Viera to VB and they came into the playoffs with a 3-slot advantage.  West Orange was 12 slots ahead of Lake Nona, so they should hold on at #6.  Timber Creek was 12 slots ahead of Dr Phillips, so they should hold the 8 seed.

Girls 1A

#1 LHP vs #8 All Saints Academy

#2 Bishop Moore #7 Cypress Creek

#3 Edgewood vs #6 Satellite

#4 First Academy vs #5 Berkeley Prep

All Saints (#58 in 1A) and Cypress Creek (#41 in 1A) district wins threw this up in the air.  All Saints wasn’t even in ‘First Four Out’, while Cypress was 1st Team Out.  First Academy (#2 seed/13) lost in the semifinals to Bishop Moore (#3 seed/19) and Tampa Catholic (#7 seed/34) lost in the semifinals to Cypress Creek, leaving TC likely the 1st team out.  Edgewood (4 seed/20) trailed by 6 slots to First Academy but should leap them to #3 with the district final win over Satellite (#6 seed/33), who will stay at #6.

Girls 2A

#1 Vero Beach vs #8 West Orange

#2 Hagerty vs #7 East Ridge

#3 Viera vs #6 Windermere

#4 Celebration vs #5 Lake Howell

This is fascinating; the schools came in very bunched, and East Ridge’s win in the final in D6 as a 4-seed means it’s a toss-up between West Orange and Winter Park, but West Orange did make their final.  Entering the playoffs, it was Windermere (4-seed/18), Lake Howell (5-seed/22, Celebration #6 seed/23), Winter Park (#7 seed/25), West Orange (8-seed/27) and Sebastian River at 30, Lake Minneola at 33 and East Ridge at 34 contending.  Celebration wins their district, Lake Howell and West Orange lost in their final, and the rest losing in the semifinals.  I think Windermere’s 16 slot difference going in keeps them above East Ridge.