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Live in Cary, North Carolina! (Updated 2:43pm Sunday)

(updates during the day)

Yesterday was quite an adventure.

Unfortunately, in the morning, my uncle had a medical emergency up here, and underwent surgery, but he is recovering nicely and will make a full recovery. Still, not the way you want to start the day if you are getting on an airplane to attend your first D1 Final Four as a reporter . . .

Funny thing at the Ft Lauderdale airport, as a young man came up to me and said he remembered me. Turned out he worked the meat counter at the small grocery when I lived in Boca!

Also at the airport, I noticed a Syracuse Lacrosse hat at the gate area, and it turned out to be the Horvit’s, Mom and Dad, and they were also on the flight! We chatted some and I did not hold the old Statesman>Orange against them, since William Smith is still D3 . . . :)

Got into town safely and learned a new card game this morning, taught by my ballbusting 13-year-old ‘nephew’, who proceded to beat me at it, although by the end of the game I was able to tell when he was bluffing, so look out next time kid!

Got over to the stadium, and media check-in was smooth, with parking right behind the stands . . . too sweet! Thanks to Liz Macienga of the NCAA for making things easy on us . . . and for the FREE Fat Boy Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwiches in the media room! It’s overcast, and when I checked the weather report this morning, it wasn’t supposed to rain, but I get the feeling it might.

Caught some pictures of the Gators warming up and am now waiting for the game to begin! I won’t be able to do any live Twitter broadcasts during the games, due to NCAA rules, but will be able to update you here periodically


NU 3-2 after one, as the refs decide late cheap shots and head shots are not fouls. TWO Gator goals taken off the scoreboard.

Have to keep focused, as they are playing excellent defense


Gator ride turns it over and we’re tied at 3.

The atmosphere is electric, neither side’s fans have sat down all game.


Halfway through the 2nd and it’s NU 5-4

Gators need to win more of the 50/50 ground balls and find a way to stop Taylor’s wing isolation. A few more draw controls too.


It’s halftime and it’s 7-6 NU; Florida will start with the extra woman after a yellow card with 2 seconds left.

Hall has come alive and so has Scane

The difference right now to me is that Northwestern has won more of the 50/50 ground balls

Both fan bases are still going strong in the tough sun.

Fajitas being served in the press box! I MUST remember not to over-eat!


We are now in a weather delay, so goes to the bottom of the list for their prediction of sunshine all afternoon

It’s NU 10-9 after 3 and they will have the ball after a yellow card

I have had the pleasure of talking with Alyssa Cometti and Emily Considine of Inside Lacrosse, and a true legend, Cindy Timchal, as we sat together in the press seats outside. Kids, look up Cindy if you don’t know her accomplishments.


Teams are coming back on to the field


Well, Northwestern came out of the weather break and ran off a few goals to start the quarter and eventually ground out the 15-11 final.

I went to both press conferences after the game and it was a very emotional Coach O’Leary and players Maggi Hall and Danielle Pavinelli after the game. Talking about the great run to this weekend, while Coach O’Leary talked about the players as role models for young girls in the state of Florida.

Now on to Boston College and Syracuse, and I can just sit back and enjoy that one.


Really fun first half between Boston College and Syracuse, with BC up 6-4.

One thing an event is great for, is finally meeting in person people you know by name, have read their musings, and you get to spend some time with them. The media representative run the gamut from team radio crews, NCAA representatives, media outlets and even conference representatives. I talked to so many; what I didn’t talk to was the fans! They were so engaged the entire time, it was hard to get to know them.

This stadium is just wonderful for showcasing the game. 10,000 or so, on all 4 sides, sun setting nicely.

This should be a great 2nd half.


Boston College holds off the Syracuse rally in the 4th quarter and takes the 10-7 win

I can’t emphasize enough have much fun this event is in person. Every lacrosse fan needs to attend one.

The coaches/players press conference still to come and then drive home to shower and rest.

Tomorrow we’ll have plenty of Floridians in action so get some food and settle in for another day of this wonderful sport.

11:17am Sunday

After a full day with family, including 8 hours in the hospital with my uncle recovering nicely (likely discharged tomorrow or Tuesday), I came over to the field, with a little delay, as the train track crossing on Trinity was blocked for some reason. Figured it out and am in the press box.

Some nice early conversations, and I hope my Twitter comment yesterday on the Old Guard Protection whiners up north gets a few people thinking. Go to Twitter/X (I figure it will take me 6 weeks or so to go solely with X, since I still see that as the symbol for US Steel) and look for the response to Katie DeFeo if you’re interested. I came across Matt VanSandt, the ACC Director for Championships for Lacrosse, and we’ll try to get together for a taped interview at some point down the line to describe some of the goings on with the conference and the possible realignments, and what it’s like to put together a championship (UNC is officially the host school for this weekend).

The fans have been piling in and the players are warming up. Clear skies and not terribly hot, so that should be perfect here.

Food is on the way! Between my family’s car, their house and the food here, I’m in guest heaven.


We’ll have the article/coverage tomorrow, but a huge shout out to the Tampa Spartan Women, with theri convincing 13-8 win over Adelphi in the D2 Woman’s title game! The THIRD SSC team to win the title, besides the FSC Women and the Tampa Men!

Sophi Wrisk with 5G/1A, Sarah Hinkle 4G and Peyton Howell with 1G/5A as the Spartans dominated the middle of the game.

Fan Picks on had it Adelphi 13-5 in predicting who would win. I would assume all 13 were from Long Island . . . after all, real lacrosse is not played in Florida.

Meanwhile, NU has played pretty much a perfect 1st quarter and is up 6-0 after one.


BC has turned this game around, as they have outscored NU 6-2 in the 2nd quarter, making it NU 8-6 at the half. Martello with 4G in that quarter, LoPinto and Reynolds with the other two . . . a little karma in a player names Reynolds scoring in the triangle here.

Izzy Scane has been held to one goal on a free position, as BC is quick to double and take their chances. Taylor and Coykendall with 2 each, with Frank, Amonte and Schumar with the other 3 NU goals.

Neither goalie has great stats, but they kind of split quarters, as LaLiberty had the hot start and Dolce came on in 2nd.

No one expected a big win by either, so we’re entering the second half right on track for a crackling finish.


And BC wins it 14-13! An amazing finish, as BC’s Shea Dolce makes a kick save with less than 30 seconds left and a last pass attempt sailed over the cutting player as the final whistle sounded!

What a wonderful game and a wonderful way to end the season. 4,884 in attendance and none of them will forget this one. Kayla Martello named Most Outstanding Player, with her 5 goals, with 4 in the comeback 2nd quarter!

I’ll be waiting for the press conference, then back to the house and on to the airport for the 7:55pm flight back to Ft Lauderdale!

I’ll be preparing a lengthier article for Substack tomorrow, with plenty of pictures!