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A Trip Down Memory Lane – Where Are They Now?

photo via StAugustine.Com and Gary McCullogh   Wells Dusenbury and I were chatting last week and he told me something I had kind of forgotten . . . that readers liked to hear my opinion at times.  Certainly I’ve come to rely on press releases for college content when I should be writing some more original stuff. We were thinking back to the order of the Girl’s high school champions because he had suggested writing an article about the Vero Beach Girls and what had happened to the once dominant program in the state.  It was an interesting thing to contemplate and I will get to it at some point in the season.  How did a program that struck fear into every opponent and was nationally ranked so many years was now not in the conversation for state titles the last few years. That led me to think about the game that started their decline from dominance and that was the 2016 state title game in Jupiter against Bartram Trail.  And that led me to realize how important that game was to me.  I went back to the article (LINK) of that game and also looked up the Tweet that Wells put out that day showing the game winning goal in Double OT that gave BT the 8-7 win and their first title.     If I find the time I will put together an article listing the ten most memorable games I’ve witnessed and this game certainly will be part of that list. Alexis Marcionette made one of the greatest individual plays you will ever see, as that clip showed.  A SHORTHANDED goal to win a state title. And that memory led me to look up Alexis up to see where she was now.  She was a senior in high school for that game and it turned out she went to the University of Pennsylvania, a school that she shares with my Dad and my brother.  Today we all have ‘student bio’s’ and her’s was easy to find: LINK What I found so interesting was that little box on the page: That’s a LITTLE on the humble side Alexis! Of course, a Penn diploma will likely pay off better . . . but here’s a free piece of advice young lady.  When someone asks about this during a job interview, tell them what you REALLY did that day. And remember to show that tweeted film clip . . . shows a bit of overcoming the odds. I don’t know if you played lacrosse at all at Penn, but if you didn’t, that was the LAST OFFICIAL GOAL you scored. Which makes you the envy of about every athlete ever . . . you went out on top as much as it was possible to do. Tomorrow I am going to publish the list of all the D1 Women who were raised in Florida that are on rosters this year, thanks to the hard work of Raquel Fernandez and her daughter Isa, a defender at IMG in her senior year.  Alexis is not on that list. But boy I’m glad Wells tickled my memory last week! Good luck in the future Alexis, the Florida lacrosse community will always have that memory . . .