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At The Next Level – US Lacrosse Magazine Story on Dylan Hess

Author’s Note:  Thanks to @LaxNorthFL for posting the link to this on Twitter!

How an Xbox 360 Spawned Dylan Hess’ Love for Lacrosse

  Excerpt: Dylan Hess’ lacrosse career is a purely 21st-century tale. It all started with an Xbox. Hess was 10 years old, and his parents wanted to find an outlet for their son that wasn’t football. There was also some urgency to do it well before his high school years so he could have experience by the time his athletic career got serious. A deal was struck, one that’s reverberated into the midfielder’s freshman year at Georgetown. “My dad promised me an Xbox 360, and of course I couldn’t pass that up,” Hess said. “It helped that my next-door neighbor was a goalie for another school in the area. Initially, I started as a goalie my first year of lacrosse, but my mom hated how much I was getting hit and thought it was a waste of how fast I was. Immediately, she bought me a short [stick] and I went to work.”   Read the rest HERE