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ATS – Collier Sports Insider’s Story: Local Youths See Lacrosse’s Softer Side During Clinic at Immokalee HS

  via Report Media Coverage Article and picture by Ron Hartman for CSI   Excerpt: IMMOKALEE — It’s almost scary to think what our sporting landscape is going to look like 20 years from now. Will football still be around in its present form? Because all of the talk about serious brain injuries has produced a decline never seen before in both youth football leagues and high school football. Youth basketball is struggling, too, with a disturbing downward turn in numbers that shows no signs of reversing itself. Yet, kids haven’t stopped playing sports — far from it. Participation in high school sports reached an all-time high in 2016-17 of nearly 8 million. So, if not football or basketball, what is everybody playing? Many have filled the void with lacrosse — America’s fastest-growing sport in the 21st century. (Side note: Did you know lacrosse is the oldest sport in North America? Dubbed “The Creator’s Game,” it reportedly was played by Native Americans “to resolve conflicts, heal the sick and develop strong, virile men.”)   Read the rest HERE