ATS – YourObserver.Com Feature on CM Goalie Nick Petrucelli


Cardinal Mooney goaltender takes one (after another) for the team

by Ryan Kohn, Sports Reporter



The bruises on Nick Petrucelli’s legs looks like a galaxy: seemingly endless stretches of black and purple.

“I have nasty welts all over,” he said. “But I always come back.”

Such is the life of a high school lacrosse goaltender. Petrucelli, a senior on the Cardinal Mooney High boys team, gets to wear a mask and upper-body pads in net, but has no protection for his lower extremities. When guys are hurling five and a half ounces of solid rubber at you, that can be an issue. Petrucelli said players at his level can fire shots anywhere from 60 to 85 mph.


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