Breaking: Chiles Ineligible for FHSAA Playoffs – Gulf Breeze to Have 1st Round Bye – Update #2 at 11:38am

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Updated at 11:38am

According to documents received we learned that the original violation was reported to the FHSAA by a parent, presumably from outside the school.


This morning, Ricky Bell our County Athletic Director, informed me that the FHSAA called him and asked him to look into the report that was filed by a parent.

In another part of the document it noted that a letter was going to be sent to the parents and we can confirm that the letter was sent last night.


Updated at 11:04am

We’ve learned it will be a first round bye for Gulf Breeze, as the FHSAA has passed along the by-law on this situation:

FHSAA Policy 4.2.2

Elimination is Final. Elimination from a Florida High School State Championship Series competition of individuals or teams is final. Defeat by individuals or teams that are later ordered to forfeit their victory, place and/or points, or are vacated from the bracket, will not bring about reinstatement or advancement in the Florida High School State Championship Series competition on the part of the individual or team that has been eliminated.

As we learn more we will pass it on.



FLN has learned that Lawton Chiles High School has had to forfeit their spot in the FHSAA playoffs due to the use of an ineligible player.

It is not known at this time whether Maclay will replace Chiles in the first round against Gulf Breeze or if the first round will be forfeited and Gulf Breeze will get a bye.

The issue concerned a mis-interpretation of a rule concerning academic eligibility from one semester to another and when the student could regain eligibility.

Athletic Director Mike Eto of Lawton Chiles has confirmed the issue to us, we thank him for that.

As details become further known we will update the story.