Breaking: New Rabil Pro League Player List Released – Launch Roster Devastated . . .


Well, the hammer fell . . . the second shoe dropped . .  . use whatever cliche you want.

You will not recognize the Florida Launch next season.

Anyone remember this? (Yeah, I know, not a lot of you are wrestling fans but the comparison is pretty solid)



Feels like this to me.

I’m not blaming the players . . . MLL was not able to provide the type of money and benefits that the investor-led league Paul Rabil has put together.

And now we will have two professional lacrosse leagues.

But this is almost like the scene in Animal House with the Deltas and the Omegas.  Not sure WHICH scene though . . .


Is it this one?



Or is it this one?



And finally, could it turn out like this?



Only time will tell.

But one thing is for sure . . .

Molloy, McArdle, Heningberg, Drenner, Durkin, McNeill, Brooks, Buczek, Warner, Tullett, Neumann . . .



But remember, in every dark cloud there is a silver lining . . .

Now maybe MLL can remember that it’s a TEAM game, and that marketing the name on the front is more important than the name on the back.

And there’s a LOT of hungry players who are waiting to take their place in a professional league.

The chip on the shoulder now belongs to MLL.

When Ted Turner opened his checkbook up to WCW to try to take over the Pro Wrestling world it didn’t work over the long run.  The established family cut back, developed new marketing stars and in the long run it wasn’t money that carried the day.

We’ll see what wins the viewer’a attention in the long run . . . the Traveling Band Of All Stars or the City-Centered approach.  The King & His Court or the MLL Title.

Let the Games begin!


Here’s the link to Inside Lacrosse’s article on the LIST OF PLAYERS (signed to the new league, the list is apparently not complete)