Nease 2020 Matthew Pounder Commits to Jacksonville!

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Congratulations to Matt on his college choice and good luck in the future!



Matthew Pounder

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Sweetlax FL

Why did you choose this college?

I just fell in love with the whole culture of the university. Everybody there is working their hardest to make sure you succeed in everything you do. Also the coaches are all so dedicated to helping you improve not only on the field but off the field too.

What are your first memories of the sport?

My first memories of lacrosse are when my neighbor showed me lacrosse and would bring two sticks to my house when I was about 4/5 and I just fell in love with it.

What part of the process was most surprising to you about the recruiting process and what would you like to pass on to those who are going to face it in the future?

Probably the most surprising part was September 1st and the first week itself. I got lucky to hear from a lot of great schools and it was really cool but also overwhelming. To those going through it in the future, if you get a lot don’t jump on the first school, and if you don’t then be patient because there’s a lot of schools waiting for the week after since it is less hectic.

Who would you like to thank for helping you get here?

I would like to thank all of my coaches, my friends, my family, but most of all my parents. They always made sure I had all the opportunities I could to succeed and let me control my lacrosse career and they would just support whatever I wanted.