Breaking: St Edward’s & Lake Highland Will Play Tuesday at 6:00pm

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Sources on both sides have confirmed that the 1A Region 2 final postponed on Friday has been scheduled for Tuesday at 6:00pm.

The deciding factor was a vote taken by the St. Edward’s players today, who voted to go ahead with the game as a way to honor their friend.  We’ve been informed that Bidensky Termidor was not only a friend of the team’s players. but also a constant attendee of lacrosse games and very vocal in leading the student body in their support.

The FHSAA let the school make a decision until/through Monday and the team meeting was held this afternoon.

The sources have made clear this is about honoring their friend, not an attempt to put the tragedy behind them.  As we noted via the TC Palm article earlier today, the entire senior graduation class at St. Edward’s is 53, so readers should see this also as honoring the tradition of the sport, which has been used so often in it’s history as a healing process.

Clearly, all of us in the lacrosse community wish both schools well and regardless of who wins we also want to applaud the FHSAA for giving them the opportunity to make their decision, as well as LHP for their support towards St. Edward’s; but most importantly we want to commend the St. Edward’s administration for showing the young men their trust in the team’s decision-making.  Nothing shows how well young adults mature than handling adversity on their own and accepting responsibility for that decision.

Win or lose, leave your hearts on the field and honor your friend.  I know LHP will do the same.

And also remember after the game to be grateful we have a sport that serves many roles, not just as a competition.