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The Status of the St. Edward’s & Lake Highland Regional Final Game

  Sorry for the delay in recapping the games from Friday and the two game recaps from PC-STA on the Girls and STA-Jupiter on the Boys but another story has taken priority this weekend and we will hopefully be fully up to date by the end of the day. Many of you have been wondering what happened with the LHP-St. Edward’s Region 2 final and I found out what had happened at St. Edward’s after pulling into the parking lot at St. Thomas for the Jupiter game.  A parent had asked me if I heard about the incident at St. Ed’s and after telling me about it I called my contacts to confirm.  It was confirmed that a senior had died at the school and was given some details about the incident that had directly involved members of the team (not in a negative sense) and was asked to keep details to myself for the time being. St. Edward’s is a PreK-12 school with less than 600 total students so it’s safe to say pretty much all classmates know each other very well.  According to the TC Palm article on the tragedy there was only 53 graduating seniors in this class, so that certainly means everyone at least knows everyone, if not all being close friends.  Of those 53, 6 are listed as members of the lacrosse team according to the MaxPreps roster. TC Palm Article Link The young man who lost his life certainly seemed to have been a very popular student with the rest of the students and with that class size would have likely been friendly with a number of members of the lacrosse team.  The St. Edward’s soccer team made the state Semifinals and the basketball team (which the young man played for) won their district.  A number of the lacrosse players did not join the team until the season was already underway because they were playing those two sports, which both ended in the second half of February. I do not have full confirmation of this but it is possible that the person mentioned in the article who pulled the student from the water was a member of the lacrosse team.  The drowning occurred during the Senior Class graduation celebration (not the official graduation ceremony which is later) and I was told Friday that the team was about to board the bus to the game right after the ceremony and the traditional jump into the water that the seniors would do together. According to the article the FHSAA has given the two schools permission to see it they can reschedule the game. Whether the game is played or St. Edward’s decides to forfeit, we all send our prayers and best wishes to the young man’s family and the rest of the St. Edward’s community.  I have gotten to know Head Coach Doug Bailey well over the years and have covered them pretty much every year.  They have players at the D1 level that we recently covered in our article on D1 kids from Florida. RIP Bidensky Termidor.