Cardinal Mooney’s Mike Bavaro: The Long Road to Recovery


This has been a tough year for the Florida lacrosse community.  Cardinal Mooney Senior Mark Bavaro was already suffering from an ACL injury and had not played for the team this year but all that paled in comparison to the boating accident on March 19th that seriously damaged multiple vertebrae and left him with no feeling below his midsection.

The story details are at this link for the Sarasota Herald-Tribune:  LINK

Mike went through two surgeries to stabilize his neck and is now up at Shepherd Center in Atlanta.  Those who follow the John Michael Knight recovery will remember that was where he started his recovery too.

And just like John Michael, Mark has a facebook page dedicated to a similar approach:



The family has established a GoFundMe page for those who would like to help out.

Here is that LINK


The lacrosse community is always there for each other, please help out if you can.