Sorry For The Pause in Coverage

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Note: I will be part of Mike Loveday’s live broadcast on his YouTube channel LaxRecords.  Click HERE for the channel page at 4:00pm to watch the show.


Okay, it’s been since 3/17th since we’ve been posting and a lot of news has piled in since, both good and sad.

My significant other came back from Colombia with a cold and laryngitis and I ended up catching it a week later.  Both of us are fine, but that can’t be said for all the members of the Florida lacrosse community.

As many of you know, I am a Financial Adviser by profession, specializing in investment management and any one who has looked at the non-Coronavirus news knows that this has been a very stressful time for investors, and just as much for their advisers.  I experienced the Crash of 1987 as a young trader and the 2008-09 financial panic but neither of those were like this, due to the compactness of the volatility.

Clients have to come first, along with health.  I didn’t really pay much attention to the Twitter threads either so I know I missed a lot there and I’m thankful there are other sources of information out there for our community to post, discuss, commiserate and find outlets for the frustrations we all feel at both fighting an enemy hard to see, while missing out on so many enjoyments we took for granted just 2 months ago.

Since I’ve been away from a lot of stories, please send me links to Report Media Coverage so I can get them posted properly.

I mentioned that there was some sad news and one that happened was to Cardinal Mooney player Mark Bavaro, who suffered a serious injury in an accident.  I’ll be putting something up after reaching out for an update.  We also lost Roger Bradford, who coached in the Jupiter/Tequesta area in a boating accident last month and I have information provided to put up an article about that too.

On the positive side there was a number of Florida kids playing in college who received some great accolades in the truncated season and we’ll be posting those press releases too.

We will all get through this.  Certainly not the way we envisioned even a month ago, but it will happen.  In all likelihood we will have some sad stories ahead of us, as this virus is not likely to fully skip our community.  But it’s always been a fools game to bet against this country.

Thank you to all who have checked in with me, and I appreciate your patience.