District Brackets – Class 1A – Region 3


Region 3 has a few anomalies in balance of schools in the District.  District 9 has 7 teams and it makes a difference to the #2 seed.  District 10 is only 4 teams and none of them are a threat to get past the winner of D9.  Districts 11 and 12 have 6 teams each so the #1 and #2 teams get a bye.

In District 9 you have Jesuit holding a 10-1 win over #2 seed Berkeley in the regular season, plus a bye.  Berkeley will have to win 3 games in 5 days plus find a way to turn that around and that’s asking too much this year, so Jesuit should go on.

In District 10 you have a very nice season by St. Stephen’s Episcopal, who played a tight game against Cardinal Mooney and manhandled #2 seed Northside Christian in the regular season matchup so there’s no reason to believe they won’t come out of this district.

In District 11 you have two Top 15 in Cardinal Mooney and Canterbury and they played a one-goal game during the season.  No reason not to think we get a rematch here.  CM finished the season a little bit better than Canterbury but it’s still a one-goal game before.  None of the other schools are ready to challenge them.

In District 12 you have the Bye’s going to Community School of Naples and Immokalee and that’s a great achievement for Immokalee.  But it isn’t without some controversy since Barron Collier did win the regular season matchup yet is seeded fourth with a 4-2 District record while Immokalee went 3-2 and is #2.  That puts Barron on the second round path with Community School and Immokalee looking at Naples, who they beat this year.  Just getting to a District final for Immokalee is something high school fans should congratulate them on if it happens.  Either way, Community School is the heavy favorite to come out.

It’s Jesuit with the clear path to the Region final, with a slugfest on the other side as the D11 winner takes on a Community School that played a tough schedule to end the year to get as ready as possible.  No matter what we’ll likely see a Final Four newcomer this year from this Region.


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